Making a good first impression is not enough.

To stand apart from others in the industry, you have to make a lasting impression-something that will bring customers back again and again. To achieve this, All Seasons Resort Lodging has set up an aggressive minimum standards program that encourages owners to maintain the quality of their unit and reward those that do with higher revenues. Our experience has taught us the importance of unit quality in relation to guest satisfaction, rental revenue performance, and property value.

Use the following guide for updating units under rental contract with All Seasons Resort Lodging. This two-fold program (Tier System and Minimum Standards) ensures the maintenance of high quality level units for our guests.

Minimum Standards Program

Our Minimum Standards Program has been put into place based on feedback from our guests and wholesale partners regarding our services and amenities. The guidelines for the standards were established based on AAA ratings for 4 Diamond hotels. We are always looking for suggestions on what would enhance their experience. We spend time listening to how the guests feel about us through our comment cards and interaction at the front desk. We also attend industry trade shows to get feedback from our wholesale partners.

Once per year, your unit will be evaluated according the following Minimum Standards criteria. You will be notified of items which require upgrading and an overall condition of your unit. The standards are subject to change each year.

Each homeowner has a particular taste or style and our intention is not to critique that. It is our job to fill your unit with guests from all over the world and meet their accommodation needs. As a management company it is our responsibility to provide you with feedback on what will improve and sustain rental returns for your unit.

Because many of our homeowners are not located in the Park City area, All Seasons Resort Lodging feels it is important to provide resources to help owners facilitate work on their units. Based on recommendations from other owners and professionals in the Park City area, we have compiled a list of vendors who may be able to help with your upgrades. You are not limited to these vendors. This list is not intended to be an endorsement of one vendor over another; it is solely a resource for your convenience.

Tier System

All Seasons Resort Lodging has defined three quality levels of units: Premium, Standard, and Sub-Standard.

Each unit will be graded yearly by All Seasons Resort Lodging. This is based on a point system. You will receive a score which will determine the status level of your unit. Your review will define areas in your unit that need attention or replacement. If your unit receives a sub-standard rating, you will have 6 months to make the necessary repairs. If you fail to complete the necessary repairs your unit will become inactive for rentals.

Minimum Standards Criteria

The following top 10 list is what we believe to be the most important items to a guest when traveling away from home. This is based on feedback from our guests as well as industry trends.

High quality, prefer pillow top, no sags, average lifespan of a quality mattress is 5 to 7 years. Must have box springs as well. Futons are unacceptable.

High quality, prefer matching pillow shams, and bed skirt. Contemporary. Prefer stain resistant fabrics and avoid white or lighter color fabrics. Average life span 3 to 5 years.

High quality, stain resistant, stay away from light colors. Neutral colors. Tile in bathrooms and kitchens. Colored grout.

Neutral colors, professionally done. Repair holes, water and damage spots. Accent walls are nice. Fix/clean/update baseboards and repair thresholds.

Window Coverings
Wood or faux wood vertical blinds. If you have aluminum mini blinds, there must be decorative drapes that go over them.

Updated contemporary of high quality. Elegant mountain theme works well. Preferably no glass, plenty of drawers in bedrooms, couches that are sleeper sofas and items that match. No futons, stains, burns or holes.

Bathroom Fixtures
Updated contemporary of high quality.

Lighting Fixtures
Updated contemporary of high quality.

Updated of high quality. Consistent throughout the unit. Art encompassing mountain elegance is always pleasing.

In good working condition. No stains or burns that can't be removed. Updated and matching throughout the space.