5 Family-Friendly Park City Summer Activities

Written by: Michael Purser
Posted: June 16, 2016


Just because ski season is over doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Park City is an awesome place to be, no matter what time of the year it happens to be. With “mud season” upon us, here are five options for spring fun in Park City.

Gallery Stroll


Park City has an amazing art scene.  With a score of galleries in town, there is a lot to take in. It can be intimidating to navigate such a diverse scene. Not to worry, though, because the Park City Gallery Association is here to help. They host a gallery stroll on the last Friday of every month. Experience the breadth of Park City’s creative scene in about three hours while enjoying light refreshments.

Provo River Fly Fishing


Let out your inner angler. Spring is a gorgeous time in the mountains. Enjoy some of that legendary mountain scenery while angling for dinner. Provo River offers an abundance of large, beautiful trout. Grab a guide for a leg up, or go it solo with only your own wits and experience to guide you. Either way, the quality of the world-class angling here will leave you reeling.

Main Street Museum


Park City was a bustling western mining town in days gone by. The story of how a skier’s paradise rose from the remains of Park City’s silver mines is a fascinating trip back in time. Explore everything from a two-story scale replica of the mines to reconstructed structures like a prison, saloon, or general store. Kids can even enjoy a Park City history detective activity for extra fun.

 Alpine Coaster


There isn’t a better way to enjoy the beauty of Park City spring than racing down the mountain at breakneck speeds, the greenery rushing by. Let gravity carry you downhill at over 30 mph at Park City Mountain. The rails zig and zag through gorgeous vistas, verdant thickets, and tight turns. You’ll want to hop back on and go again, it is that thrilling.

Hiking and Biking


It may be mud season, but there are still plenty of trails that aren’t mucky and sodden. Do a little research; maybe check out the Mountain Trails Foundation. Pick a trail that has dried out for the season, and get out on your feet/two wheels for a trip through the breathtaking beauty of Park City in the spring. No matter your skill level, there is plenty here for fans of outdoor excursions.