Non-Skier's Primer on Park City: Canyons Village Base Area

Written by: Michael Purser
Posted: January 31, 2017


Park City is Utah's favorite playground. There is an endless variety of incredible activities to choose from, even if you find yourself in town without skis on a winter day. Try our non-skier's primer on Canyons Village base area for the best things to try while your friends and family stand in line for the lifts.


Canyons Village base area is a real mix. Featuring an assortment of high end and budget properties, natural beauty and excellent amenities, right in the middle of everything but not close to anything in particular, Canyons Village base area has a bit of something for everyone. The village features plenty to keep visitors busy, with plenty of access to all of Park City’s other attractions.

This area was recently connected to Park City base area to create the largest ski resort in North America. One of Canyons Village’s greatest strengths is that it is a great destination for families. There are many options for family activities and childcare solutions.

Getting Around

Canyons Village base area is located between the downtown area and the Kimball Junction area, within easy driving distance of both, but not really attached to either. The village has enough to keep you busy and stocked, but if you want to visit Main Street, Tanger Outlets, or any of Park City’s other major attractions, you are going to need some kind of motorized transportation.

The free bus line is handy, but lacks the freedom of movement and scheduling offered by your own car. If you just want to stay in one area, however, everything is close enough for foot access.

Kimball Junction and Beyond


Canyons Village is the closest base area to I-80, and, by extension, the rest of the state. Just off I-80 is the Kimball Junction area, home to the largest commercial area in Park City. Here you can find major grocery stores, movie theaters, chain and local restaurants, and the famous Tanger Outlets shopping center.

Canyons Village is also a great jumping-off point for any Salt Lake City excursions you might have in mind, being just twenty minutes down Parley’s Canyon from Kimball Junction. An afternoon of shopping and dining in the junction or a day trip to SLC will make for an exciting change from the alpine amusements elsewhere in town.

Big Adventure


There is a nearly endless supply of fun to enjoy within just a few minutes of Canyons Village. While not exactly a part of the Canyons Village base area itself, Utah Olympic Park is just a couple of minutes up the road, and features some of Park City’s most exciting adventures.

Home to many of the 2002 Winter Games events, the park has facilities for nordic ski jumping, bobsledding, ropes courses, and plenty more. Yes, the bobsledding is open to the public, if you feel the need for speed.

If you somehow manage to exhaust all that Utah Olympic Park has to offer, there are more adventures around nearly every corner. Try your hand at mushing a real dogsled team, or take to snowshoes for a loop around the scenic Swaner nature preserve. If you want to stay inside, The Mine gives you a challenging bouldering gym, while Jupiter Bowl has the best bowling in town.

Explore the Resort Village


You don’t even have to leave the village to have a good time. There are more than enough opportunities on site to fill your afternoons with fun and relaxation.

The village features an excellent ski beach where you can catch some chilly sun and watch the skiers gliding down the mountain with a mug of delicious cocoa in your hand.

You can head over to Umbrella Bar for some lively aprés ski libations under their unique glass bubble. Sample one of Park City’s finest farm-to-table experiences at The Farm. Sit down at Edge Steakhouse and tuck into a fantastic cut of beef. Cruise the village shops for the perfect souvenir. Catch any live performances in the on-site amphitheater. Or just relax by a fire pit at Sundial Lodge, maybe with some s’mores to keep your innards as warm as your exterior.