Non-Skier's Primer on Park City: Park City Base Area

Written by: Michael Purser
Posted: January 31, 2017


Park City is Utah's favorite playground. There is an endless variety of incredible activities to choose from, even if you find yourself in town without skis on a winter day. Try our non-skier's primer on Park City base area for the best things to try while your friends and family stand in line for the lifts.


Park City base area is the closest ski area to downtown Park City, making it a convenient place to hang out if you want to try a little bit of everything. Easy access to Main Street gives the discerning traveller plenty to do away from the slopes.

Some of the best restaurants, shops, galleries, and more are only a few minutes away. Recent changes at the resort have issued in a number of important, including linking it to the Canyons Village base area, creating the largest ski resort in North America. The shake-up has also brought other changes, including a general increase in the amount a traveller should expect to pay when engaging in on-resort activities.

Getting Around

Park City base area is located right in the middle of all the good stuff. That is one of the best things about it. But it is also a liability for anyone wanting to drive themselves around. Park City isn’t designed to handle heavy motor traffic. Most of the downtown roads have been there since the town’s mining days, and are a cramped and convoluted assortment of heterogenous thoroughfares.

Parking is particularly nightmarish. Do yourself a favor and ditch the rental car. Use the free Park City transit system, grab an Uber, or walk. You can even take the Town Lift from the base area right into Main Street. You will save yourself a ton of pain by giving up the idea of using a car in town.

Hit Main Street


It may not be a ski resort, but Main Street can hold its own against the slopes any day of the week. Some of the best restaurants in town line the street, along with a collection of quaint shops and gorgeous galleries.

If you are a foodie, Park City base area is definitely the ski area for you. Everything from farm-to-table fare at Robert Redford’s restaurant, Zoom, or a fresh Utah steak to surprisingly fresh gourmet sushi and artisan wood-fire pizzas can be found within a block or two of the historic thoroughfare.

Catch a bit of culture at a local live performance or the Egyptian Theatre, one of Park City’s most notable downtown landmarks. The Egyptian has stood since 1922 under various names, but has long been an important part of the community, and even holds a secret treasure in the form of an original Banksy tucked away on a stage door. Today, it not only hosts popular live performances like the annual production of Thriller, but continues to screen films and participate in the Sundance Film Festival, which used the theater as its home venue when it moved to Park City in 1981.

Enjoy the Village


If you don’t want to leave the resort area, there is still plenty to enjoy on site. Strap on some skates and spend the evening at Park City’s only outdoor skating rink. A quick price of admission gets you all the skating you could ever want, no time limits. Or get up on the mountain for a trip down the Alpine Coaster—a winding single-car thrillride that rips down the side of the mountain just like a roller coaster, but without the lift hill. That way, you can enjoy all the thrills of an afternoon on skis without all the hassle, expense, or potential for injury and humiliation.

You can always take the Town Lift just to enjoy the scenery, even if you don’t intend to spend the day on Main Street. Don’t forget that there are quite a few shops and restaurants located close at hand, for those times when you really want to stay in.

Grab Some Drinks


Let it never be said that Utah is a dry state. Despite the area’s buttoned-up reputation, there are some choice watering holes located near Park City base area. The oldest bar in all of Park City, the No Name Saloon, or “The Alamo” as it is sometimes called locally, is a perennial favorite for the young, energetic traveller looking for a good time.

High West Distillery makes some damn fine local whisky, and even offers tours of the distillery, perfect for the true brew enthusiast. High West is also the world’s only ski-in/ski-out gastro distillery, an unusual and exciting distinction worth sampling at least once.

There are plenty of other places to wet your whistle in the vicinity, so feel free to get out there and explore.

Achieve Enlightenment


After all that excitement, maybe you are in the mood to cool down, relax, and rejuvenate your mind. Take in a session of yoga at The Shop, located between the base area and Main Street, to stretch out all those tired muscles and get in touch with your spiritual side. It is a very popular local yoga studio that works on a donation basis, so you don’t have to break the bank in your lululemons. Or, find a quiet corner in Park City’s beautiful public library and enjoy a spot of reading for pleasure. Not only is there a robust selection of reading material and local events, there is a designated off-leash field just outside that will help your furry friends get their wiggles out.