While we don’t offer shuttle service, we’re fortunate to have a free city bus system that services nearly every corner of Park City. Here’s some information to help you plan your trip.

Tips for New Transit Riders

  1. Plan Your Trip
    Visit the myStop website and click on Trip Planner. Type in your origin and destination to receive transit directions through Google Maps. You can also go directly to maps.google.com and input your origin and destination, then change the mode to ‘transit’ to get transit directions.
  2. Arrive at Bus Stop at Least 5 Minutes Early
    Please arrive at your bus stop at least five minutes before scheduled departure time. Make sure you’re at the correct stop by looking at signage posted at the bus stop.
  3. Track Your Bus
    Visit the myStop website to track your bus. You can also download the free ‘MyStop Mobile’ app for iPhone in the App Store and Android in the Google Play store. Using either the myStop website or App, select the routes you want to track in order to view buses in real-time.
  4. Board the Bus at Front or Rear Doors
    Check the destination displays at the front or rear of the bus to make sure you are boarding the correct bus, traveling to your destination. Wait for others to exit before boarding at either door. Park City Transit is FARE-FREE, meaning no payment is required to board.
  5. While on the Bus, Respect Other Riders
    Don’t eat or drink on the bus. Keep conversations low, and wear headphones while listening to music. Keep ski, snowboard, and all other personal items with you at all times. Do not block aisles or exits with personal items, or cross the white line at the front of the bus. If you are sitting in a priority seating area, please vacate your seat for seniors and passengers with disabilities.
  6. Request a Stop by Pulling the Yellow Cord by the Window
    Gather all personal items and exit through either door.
  7. When in Doubt, Ask the Driver!
    Our drivers are experts of the system. They are happy to answer questions. To ensure public safety, please only speak to the driver while the bus is stopped, and stay behind the white line.

Tips from https://www.parkcity.org/departments/transit-bus