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Homeowner Portal Notice2019-05-09T13:07:38-06:00

Homeowner Portal Notice

Owner Portal

In our last letter, we let you know about our plan to launch the new owner portal this month. Due to unforeseen challenges with programming, our anticipated launch date for the new owner portal is May 31, 2019. If we’re ready to launch before then, you will be the first to know!

We will email you your login credentials for the new portal.

Owner Statements

We’ve run into some technical difficulties in formatting and presenting monthly owner statements. Your paper statement will be sent to you in the mail as soon as we’re able to perfect the layout of the data. In the meantime, owner payments will be processed and disbursed on time.

Reserving your Unit

Please contact our reservations department to book reservations into your unit.

Thank you for bearing with us through this transition!

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