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Homeowner Testimonials

Satisfied Homeowners Share Their Experience

Don’t take our word for it. Let our homeowners share their experiences with All Seasons Resort Lodging. These testimonials represent only a small fraction of the hundreds of happy homeowners we work with on a daily basis. Start your story today.


“I have been an owner at the Lodge at the Mountain Village for over 25 years. As you can imagine, I have seen many changes during that time period. The biggest change came when our original management company went bankrupt in the great recession. That left many of us losing out of a few months rental income that was never recovered. All Seasons Resort took over at a difficult time. A big change for us was that the original company controlled both the rental units and management of the building. The building maintenance is now done by Compass Management and the rental by All Seasons Resort. I can’t speak highly enough of Gary Gregg, who is our onsite manager for ASRL. The front desk help are great! We even have one of them, Erika, stay with our dog when we travel.

Since I live most of the time in North Carolina, I rent my unit when I am not planning on using it. I am now out here for the summer and usually come at least one time during the ski season. I love Park City and I am so happy to have a home here and to be able to enjoy a humid free summer and all of the activities there are to enjoy here. I do not expect to make much money on my home since I do want to be able to use it and enjoy it myself. I would be happy if I break even each year. However, I am usually able to use whatever extra income I do get for improvements to my condo.

That said, I need to also say that during the slow years, when our economy was still recovering, I decided to try another local management company who offered to give me 100% of my rental income. This sounded great, but the reality was quite different. Because they are not onsite, like ASRL, I was charged greatly for every possible problem. If a renter decided they wanted a light bulb changed, I was charged. Bottom line, I made less than if I had used ASRL. Needless to say, I am happily back with All Seasons Resort Lodging and feel no need to try another company.

–Melanie R., Homeowner at The Lodge at the Mountain Village


“All Seasons Resort Lodging has been my Lodge at the Mountain Village management company for 7 years. I have been thoroughly pleased with their oversight and rental of my condo. Up until this past fall, when I relocated to Park City, my full time residence was in Atlanta, Georgia. Even when I lived 1,700 miles away, I had full confidence in ASRL that my condo was being well taken care of, from maintenance to cleanliness, to profitable rentals. Lines of communication have always been open between management and myself. Also of importance, monthly statements and rental checks have always arrived in a timely manner. I trust General Manager Gary Gregg and his staff, completely.”

–Randy H., Homeowner at The Lodge at the Mountain Village


“We arrived yesterday and want to compliment the front desk staff for their professionalism and friendliness. Also, housekeeping has done a great job. The condo was spotless, smells fresh, and the soaps/coffee...are high quality. I know we had some finicky guests early on, but you all have really done a great job of taking care of their concerns and stepping up the game! Thank you for all you do!”

–Mary, Homeowner at Sundial Lodge


“I have been an owner with ASRL for the last 6+ years. They optimize occupancy and rate for my rental through each season without me having to take a single call from someone inquiring to rent my unit. They also maintain and clean my unit without taking any of my time. I receive my monthly checks on time, every time, and they are always available when I call to ask a question. If you are looking to rent your home or condo, and you are looking for a “hands-off” approach that will give you back your valuable time, I would highly recommend ASRL.”

–Jacob, Homeowner at The Lodge at the Mountain Village


“I had the privilege of working with Linda Lyles, the liaison from All Seasons Resort Lodging on a remodel project in 2016. Linda’s assistance to use for this project was extremely beneficial. Her design expertise and knowledge regarding construction and costs allowed us to keep the project on time and within budget. Linda was exceptional on communication, very professional and always went above and beyond with every aspect of this remodel. I would highly recommend Linda for any project.”

–Karen T., Homeowner at The Lodge at the Mountain Village


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