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When your second home is an investment property, you want guests to come and go, but not your property management company. At All Seasons Resort Lodging, we’re committed as partners for the long haul. All Seasons Resort Lodging was established in Park City, Utah in 1999 with just three properties, and has since grown to represent 16 properties throughout three states. All Seasons Resort Lodging is led by an experienced team, including seasoned professionals with extensive leadership experience in the hospitality industry. All members of our executive team each have 20+ years in hospitality management, including senior positions with Marriott and Starwood International. You can rest easy, knowing that your investment property is in good hands.


Guest Vetting

Not everyone has the best interests of your property at heart. If it becomes clear during the reservations process that your prospective guests are unsuitable to stay in your home, our reservations specialists are instructed to refuse the reservation. We do our best to keep suspicious characters, wild parties, and other unsavory elements from harming your property.

No Party Policy

The maximum occupancy refers to the number of people who are allowed to be on the property at any time, not just for the night. Guests are warned that parties at the home are not permitted. Both neighbors and local managers reserve the right to inform necessary authorities if there is a noise violation after 10pm. Local managers are vigilant when discerning the difference between appropriate guest celebration and misuse of the premises.


When damages inevitably occur during guest stays, All Seasons Resort Lodging is prepared. As soon as damage is identified by our staff, it is immediately reported and addressed. For time-sensitive damages totaling less than $200, All Seasons Resort Lodging will immediately make repairs and deduct those costs from the monthly statement (only if the guest is not deemed responsible). We notify owners of all damage promptly and confer with them regarding any required repairs of more than $200. The guest is charged for all damages for which they are responsible. To help protect against unintentional damage or accidents, guests are automatically charged three percent of the gross lodging cost is bundled into their reservation as an accidental damage protection fee. This fee is applied first toward any little accidents that may occur during a guest visit.

Insurance Liability

We don’t believe in taking chances. Your home is a treasure that deserves to be protected as carefully as possible. All Seasons Resort Lodging is fully licensed and bonded, and is responsible for damages that may occur as a result of our negligence, and we hold all guests responsible for damages caused during their stay. But accidents, disasters, and one-in-a-million occurrences do happen. To protect against these unforeseen perils, we ask that all homeowners maintain a comprehensive liability insurance policy in a minimum amount of $1,000,000 that specifies All Seasons Resort Lodging as an additional insured party. This insurance protects your home from the unexpected and the unlikely, just in case something does happen. In the case that the need arises, we will utilize your insurance to get your home back in order as quickly as possible.

Reservation Policies

Prior to their stay in your home, guests must agree to abide by the following rules:

  • The property shall not be used at any time by more than the amount of adults and children specified by the reservation.
  • Pets are not permitted.
  • No smoking is permitted in the home.
  • Guests are liable for all damage that occurs during their occupancy and agree to accept charges on the credit card placed on file during check-in to complete necessary repairs to the property.
  • Travel Protection: If Travel Protection is purchased, the guest will receive a full refund for any nights of his or her reservation canceled due to death in the family, illness, flight delays, flight cancellations, or road closures due to severe weather.
  • All deposit and cancellation policies.

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