The Santa Fe Margarita Trail Cheers from the rooftop. Obfuscated beneath the surface of Santa Fe lies a furtive secret society—a shadowy cabal that stands sentinel over a hidden trail of esoteric treasures. No wait, nevermind. It is just the Margarita Trail—a fantastic, alcoholic, and flavorful tour of some of the finest Margaritas in the … Read more

Snacks on Desk

The Perfect Road Trip Snack Everyone has a road trip snack. I don’t just mean that everyone snacks on road trips (while they certainly all do). What I mean is that everyone has a perfect road trip snack, a warm, comfortable caloric blanket they wrap around themselves while putting the hammer down on 1,200 miles … Read more

Thanksgiving Dinner Plate

Thanksgiving in a Vacation Rental Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner is a difficult, time-consuming affair, an art steeped in tradition and full of fond memories and unforgettable moments. Choosing to undertake the task of Thanksgiving preparation while staying in vacation rental dials up the challenge and pours on the pressure as you try to craft a … Read more

Burgers and Fries

Park City Sampler: Between Two Slices Is there anything more American than eating stuff between two pieces of bread? Hot dogs, hamburgers, peanut butter and jelly, who doesn’t love a sandwich? We decided to celebrate the sandwich in this inaugural Park City Sampler, featuring three meals between two pieces of bread, all on one menu.  … Read more