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22 Apr 2020

7 Spectacular Species of Utah Wildlife

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The thrill of witnessing wildlife in their natural setting is hard to beat. Unlike the faster-paced outdoor recreations that entice travelers to Utah, catching a glimpse of wild animals requires patience for the opportune moment and, in some cases, a smidge of luck!  Fortunately, [...]

17 Apr 2020

La Jolla Concours D’Elegance

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16th Annual La Jolla Concours D'Elegance Earning the reputation as one of the finest internationally renowned classic automobile showcases in the United States, the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance continues to attract discerning car enthusiasts from around the globe. This incredible w [...]

10 Apr 2020

All About the Alpine Slide in Park City

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We love racing down the mountains. The Alpine Slide in Park City is just another expression of our obsession with flying downhill at high speeds. From skiing to Nordic jumping, from bobsleds to zip lines, Parkites have a need for speed. Indulge your inner speed demon with the fine [...]

9 Apr 2020

Tips for Handling Park City Elevation

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Park City rises into the clouds atop the Wasatch Mountains, a glittering paradise at 7,000 feet above sea level. The soaring elevation of Park City brings a thick layer of fluffy, powdery snow each year. But it does come with some interesting side effects. To prepare for your high [...]

8 Apr 2020

Our Picks for Mountain Bike Rentals Park City

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Our Picks for Mountain Bike Rentals in Park City There are hundreds of miles of trails in Park City, just waiting for you to ride them. Mountain biking in Park City is the perfect way to experience the beauty of the Wasatch Mountains. Our carefully maintained trails make Park Cit [...]

6 Apr 2020

15 Best Things to do in Utah With Kids

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15 Best Things to do in Utah With Kids Park City isn’t just a ski town, and it isn’t just for grown-ups. Utah’s favorite playground is the perfect home base for all kinds of year-round family-friendly activities. We’d go so far as to say that the best things to do in Utah with ki [...]

4 Apr 2020

24th Annual Pond Skimming Contest – Cancelled

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Park City Pond Skimming - 2020 Cancelled Pond Skimming signals the end of the ski season with a splash! Park City's legendary Spring tradition is back to celebrate 24 years of wipeouts, laughs, and costume creativity! Every year, locals prepare their kookiest attire and muster the [...]

31 Mar 2020

Summers at Utah Olympic Park

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Slip, Slide, Zip, and More: Summers at Utah Olympic Park Utah Olympic Park isn't just a winter wonderland. There is plenty to do at the park year round. Every corner of this sprawling campus is filled with fun and excitement for the warm-weather visitor. Get a taste of the 2002 Wi [...]

28 Mar 2020

Look Forward to These 9 Summer Park City Activities

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Be honest. When you think of Park City, you imagine deep snow and ski trips, don’t you? Park City summer activities don’t immediately spring to mind. Utah’s favorite mountain retreat is actually an exciting all-seasons destination, packed with tons of warm-weather adventures. Our l [...]

6 Mar 2020

13th Annual Spring Gruv at Park City Mountain Resort – Cancelled

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Spring Gruv Celebration - 2020 Cancelled Experience the ultimate springtime tradition in Park City! The mountain shines in spring and it's all yours to soak in during Spring Gruv. Under bluebird skies, you’re invited to feel the beat of concerts on the village stage, join a deck pa [...]