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Accommodation Protection Program

When damages inevitably occur during guest stays, All Seasons Resort Lodging is prepared with our Accommodation Protection Program.

Our staff immediately reports and addresses damage as soon as it is identified for any property in our vacation rental management program. For time-sensitive damages totaling less than $200, All Seasons Resort Lodging will immediately make repairs and deduct those costs from the monthly statement (only if the guest is not deemed responsible).

We promptly notify owners of all damage and confer with them regarding any repairs of more than $200.

The guest is charged for all damages for which they are responsible.

To help protect against unintentional damage or accidents, guests are automatically charged three percent of the gross lodging cost bundled into their reservation as an accidental damage protection fee. This fee is applied first toward any minor accidents during a guest visit.

No Party Policy

To minimize the chances of damage, we instill a No-Party Policy.

The maximum occupancy refers to the number of people who are allowed to be on the property at any time, not just for the night.

Guests are warned that parties at the property are not permitted. Both neighbors and local managers reserve the right to inform necessary authorities if there is a noise violation after 10 p.m.

Local managers are vigilant when discerning the difference between appropriate guest celebration and misuse of the premises.

Guest Vetting

Not everyone has the best interests of your property at heart. If it becomes apparent during the reservation process that prospective guests are unsuitable to stay in your property, our reservations specialists are instructed to refuse the reservation.

We do our best to keep suspicious characters, wild parties, and other unsavory elements from harming your property.


The All Seasons Resort Lodging policy aims to promptly address and rectify any damages identified in their properties.

Minor damages under $200 are immediately repaired and deducted from the monthly statement, provided guests are not found responsible.

Owners are promptly notified of damages exceeding $200, with consultation regarding necessary repairs.

Guests are held accountable for the damages they cause and are charged a three percent accidental damage protection fee to mitigate unintentional damage, which covers minor accidents during their stay.

A strict No Party Policy is enforced to minimize property damage, with a maximum occupancy rule and warnings against hosting parties.

In addition, guest vetting processes are in place to prevent unsuitable individuals from staying in properties, aiming to safeguard against potential harm or misuse.

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