7 Things to Do In Santa Fe this Valentine’s Day

The City Different is steeped in beauty and mystique-the perfect place for a romantic Valentine’s Day rendezvous. Take your special someone to try a special something with our list of romantic Valentine’s Day activities in Santa Fe. These thoughtful gestures will go a lot further than grocery store candy when it comes to impressing your date.

Something to Drink

Glass of White Wine on a White Marble Bar

  • Gruet Winery
    Dabble in a bit of viticulture and sample the sophisticated romance of these local vintages. A flight of blanc de noirs, blanc de blanc, demi-sec, and rosé wines will introduce interest and elegance into your date that will linger long after you leave the tasting room.
  • Tonic
    Lower the lights and strike up the band for drinks and jazz at Tonic, an evocative lounge serving up creative cocktails and smooth sounds on a nightly basis. Marinated in Jazz Age style, this local bar will leave you intoxicated with more than just the expertly-mixed liquor.
  • Kakawa Chocolate House
    Chocolate is love. Sample three millennia of cacao concoctions with drinking elixirs that range from pre-colombian brews to 21st-century inventions. You don’t have to stick around in the cafe to get the most out of Kakawa. Take the history of chocolate along with a box of truffles or a bag of mendiants.


Something to Do

couple strolling through santa fe

  • Restaurant Walking Tour
    True romance is a journey. So is this walking tour of Santa Fe’s vibrant dining scene. Guided by the experts at the Santa Fe School of Cooking, each of these three tours will carry culinary explorers to four destinations that include highlights in both traditional and innovative dining experiences. You’ll take in plenty of local flavor both on the plate and on the street.
  • Santa Fe Film Festival
    Enjoying a movie together is a staple of couple time. Why not enjoy dozens of great regional, national, and global films together-plus panels and parties-at the Santa Fe Film Festival? There’s more than enough to keep you busy for the entire duration of the festival, especially with a rich selection of films sure to tickle the fancy of even the most discerning cinephile.


Something to Think About

The Thousand Waves Spa Exterior in Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Ten Thousand Waves
    As if a Japanese onsen had been carefully relocated to the deserts of the American Southwest, Ten Thousand Waves offers a traditional spa experience for deep relaxation and deepening romance. This mountain spa is heavy on the water features, including a variety of tubs, pools, waterfalls, and more-perfecting for soaking your troubles away.
  • Upaya Zen Center
    Mindfulness enhances emotional health, including romantic relationships. Explore the tranquility of Zen Buddhism at a functional monastery that provides daily meditations, retreats, residencies, and more services to seekers of peace and enlightenment. Bring your partner and forge a deeper connection to yourselves and each other through meditation.

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