Park City is Utah’s favorite playground. There is an endless variety of incredible activities to choose from, even if you find yourself in town without skis on a winter day. Try our non-skier’s primer on Deer Valley for the best things to try while your friends and family stand in line for the lifts.


Deer Valley is a relaxing, secluded retreat in the mountains. The easiest way to enjoy its unique character and tranquil charms is by just kicking back and relaxing. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to achieve peace and quiet—far from the excitement of the ski runs.

Ladies Relaxing in a Sauna
  • Spas – One of the benefits of hanging out around all the high-end destinations is that many of them offer lavish and luxurious spas. Guests in the Deer Valley area are spoiled for choice when it comes to pampering body and soul. You can find anything from a quick massage to full Ayurvedic overhauls. Take in some aromatherapy, get a wrap, or soak in the warmth from some hot stones.

woman relaxing in bed
  • Stay In – Or you could just stay in your room in front of the fire, under the covers, and enjoying some low-key television or the views of the mountain tranquility.

Treat Your Taste Buds

Home to some of Park City’s premier fine-dining experiences, Deer Valley is an ideal destination for foodies. While others are headed up and down the hill, you can peruse the menus at delicious restaurants all around the resort area.

Cast Iron Skillet of Dessert in Deer Valley
  • Upscale Eats – Brass Tag consistently delivers outstanding cuisine, and a trip to The Viking Yurt is the sort of unforgettable culinary adventure you will be talking about for decades. Quality over quantity is the order of things in Deer Valley, and you just aren’t going to find a fast-food joint within any reasonable distance.

fresh fruit at a farmers market
  • Other Options – The one thing Deer Valley lacks, in terms of comestibles, is a basic grocery store. You’ll have to head into town for most of your basics, but the Deer Valley Grocery Cafe will keep you fed on the run, and features the famous turkey chili that keeps locals coming back for more.

Get Into Nature

Trees in Snow

All of that gorgeous terrain is good for more than just looking pretty. Even if you don’t ski, you can get back into the backcountry on snowshoes, fat tire bikes, cross-country skis, snow mobiles, or even horse-drawn sleighs.

Getting in touch with nature offers unique physical challenges as well as some of the most staggering vistas in the area. There is a nature experience for all budgets and levels of physical ambition. If all you want to do is have a seat and enjoy the ride, the Jordanelle Express Gondola offers a chance to glide down to the Jordanelle Reservoir while getting an incredible view of the Uintas.

The more dedicated outdoorsman/outdoorswoman can find daily trail grooming reports from the Mountain Trails Foundation to help choose the perfect route for a scenic hike into the mountains atop a sturdy pair of snowshoes.

Getting Around

Relatively secluded, Deer Valley is set apart from the bulk of town, up winding roads and hilly terrain. If you want to leave the Deer Valley area, you are going to want access to reliable transportation.

Trolley on Historic Main Street Park City
  • Park City Transit – One way to move around Park City is by electric bus! The free bus line is handy but lacks the freedom of movement and scheduling offered by your own car. However, if you just want to stay in one area, everything is close enough for brief bus rides.

  • Property Shuttles – Trips into town, grocery runs, or lazy afternoons of window shopping are all going to require something more ambitious than the free bus system. Notably, some of the resorts in the area offer complimentary shuttle rides for guests, but these systems are often overloaded during the busier parts of the season, and make feature long waiting lists.

Looking up snowy Historic Main Street Park City During Sundance Film Festival
  • Bring Your Own – It might be a better choice to bring or rent a vehicle for your own use. Deer Valley’s remote location relative to most in-town attractions means having wheels of your own is almost a necessity. Otherwise, you’ll be enjoying a vacation cut off from the rest of the world, whether you wanted it that way or not.