Is there anything more American than eating stuff between two pieces of bread? Hot dogs, hamburgers, peanut butter and jelly, who doesn’t love a sandwich? We decided to celebrate the sandwich in this inaugural Park City Sampler, featuring three meals between two pieces of bread, all on one menu.  Then, be sure to book a Park City vacation rental through us and taste these delicious sandwiches yourself!

Breakfast: Wasatch Bagel and Grill


Chalk Board Menu in Park City

We argue that the perfect way to start the day is with a tall stack of egg stuffed between two pieces of properly boiled and baked bagel. Warm colors, lots of interesting décor, and no shortage of comfy seating make this out-of-the-way eatery a perfect place to warm up to the world in the early hours. Wasatch Bagel and Grill offers plenty of options when it comes to breakfast bagel sandwiches, from classic egg and cheese to more ambitious combinations, like the spicy Wasatch Huevos, with jalapeños, bell peppers, and grilled onions. Not everything on the menu is between two slices of starchy goodness, but all the best things are.

Lunch: The Back Door Delicatessen


The Back Door is a poorly-guarded secret amongst Park City locals. Possibly the best sandwich shop in town, this unassuming Main Street lunch spot has something for everyone. Literally. There are at least 50 items on the menu. Featuring everything from stacks of hot meats to diet-conscious veggie fare, you could eat at the Back Door for almost two months before trying the same sandwich a second time. The downside? It is a small, casual operation. Sometimes the shop is just too chock-full of sandwich enthusiasts, and occasionally it will just be closed for whatever reason. Those quibbles aside, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is chill. Just don’t get overwhelmed by the breadth of options.

Dinner: Burgers and Bourbon


Burgers and Fries

Want to step it up a notch for dinner? Want some gorgeous views and some adult beverages to close out your day? Head over to the Montage Deer Valley for a meal at Burgers and Bourbon. As may be expected, Burgers and Bourbon specializes in… burgers and bourbon. Sporting some diverse and deluxe patty options, B&B has everything from foie gras to bison to ahi tuna alongside good old fashioned beef. Toss some fancy fries next to those upscale sandwiches, and you have a meal to write home about, especially if you top it off with a spiked milkshake or birch beer float. After that, enjoy some bourbon and whiskey cocktails before sandwiching yourself into the sheets.

Spotlight: Burgers and Bourbon


Chef Preparing a Burger

Stepping through the Montage double doors, one is immediately filled with the air of business done right. Deer Valley, well known as the champion of high-class skiing, works hard to earn its reputation. Restaurants, lodging, location, and service are the pillars that support the commitment to excellence Deer Valley is known for; Burgers and Bourbon is no exception.

Located inside Deer Valley’s Montage Hotel, Burgers and Bourbon offers perfected takes on some of America’s most iconic favorites. From bison burgers and truffle fries to wagyu beef nachos, it’s all there. Walking into the kitchen, one finds that Burgers and Bourbon is not isolated, but a part of the larger Montage food service center of operations. Inside this joint kitchen, expert hands busily craft delicious fare for not just B&B, but the rest of the Montage’s food services, including its room service and two other eateries.

Logistical feat doesn’t quite do the operation justice. The level of expertise and caliber of organization needed to pull what Deer Valley does off is tremendous.

While most people will never see this back-of-house jewel, everyone can enjoy the results. The dishes served at B&B deliver. If you’re looking for a chef-choice cut of meat with French cheeses and exotic assortments of toppings, search no further. The masterminds behind the menu took special care to craft every burger with dignity and poise. No mishaps or disappointments here.