One of the coolest things about Park City is our totally free, full-coverage Park City transportation system. While you’re in town, skip the Ubers and Lyfts, forget the rental cars and traffic jams, and take advantage of our amazing mass-transit system.

As of July 1, 2021, the Park City transportation system is getting even better. Our beautiful town is now served by two cooperating districts-Park City Transit and the new High Valley Transit system. Find out how our transportation system is changing to better serve riders from Kimball Junction to Main Street.

Two Systems, One Town

Park City Transit has been providing fare-free public transportation in the Park City area since 1975. From the Main Street trolley to the new electric buses bringing guests in from the Kimball Junction Park & Ride, their vehicles are a regular sight in almost every corner of town.

A Park City Transit Bus Carrying Two Mountain Bikes
A Park City Transit Bus Carrying Two Mountain Bikes // source:

But Park City is a growing town. To better serve our community and the surrounding towns in Summit County, it is crucial to address our flourishing population with an expanded transit system.

High Valley Transit was created to do just that. This new transit service will serve the larger Summit Valley community, connecting to Park City Transit’s services at regional hubs while serving satellite communities like Snyderville, Kimball Junction, Jeremy Ranch, Hideout, and Kamas. Instead of stretching resources across a vast area, the creation of High Valley Transit lets each service focus on specific needs in the area.

Services and Service Areas

That’s all well and good, but what does that actually mean for visitors and residents in the Park City area? It means you can get a ride to exactly where you want to go from just about any part of the greater Park City area. Both Park City Transit and High Valley Transit will provide a combination of fixed bus lines and on-demand vehicle service supplemented by ADA ride programs.


Buses are the centerpiece of the transit program, and they always have been. Both services will run five to six route lines. Park City Transit will operate multiple loops in the downtown area, Prospector Square, and Deer Valley. High Valley Transit will run loops through Kimball Junction and Canyons Village. They will also offer a commuter shuttle to outlying communities. In addition to those focused, circular routes, both will run a bus all the way from Deer Valley to Kimball Junction. Remember, all those buses are free!

The lynchpins of those longer routes are the four area transit centers-located at Old Town, Park City Mountain, Canyons Village, and Kimball Junction. Jump onto either route, and you’ll be able to cruise the entire length of Highway 224, Park Ave, and Deer Valley Dr. If you hop off one bus at the transit center, you can jump onto the other line to connect to your desired destination.

On-Demand Rides vs. Micro Rides

It just isn’t possible to get a bus onto every street in Park City and the Snyderville Basin. Park City Transit just calls it On-Demand. High Valley Transit calls it Micro. Whatever they call it, what it means is that you can ask for a driver to pick you up. Within fifteen minutes, a driver shows up in a van to whisk you away to your destination.

Micro rides are booked through the High Valley Transit app. On any day of the week, log into the High Valley Transit app-which requires confirming your phone number and allowing the app access to your location data-and choose your pickup and dropoff locations. It is as easy as dropping a pair of pins on an interactive map. Confirm the number of passengers you’re booking for. The app will tell you when and where to meet the driver. You can go anywhere in the service area, from Summit Park to Snyderville and beyond. That is a lot of space. Wait times are short, and you’ll never have to walk far to meet the van.

Download the app for iPhone »

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A Rider Scheduling a Micro Ride // image credit: High Valley Transit

On-Demand service can be scheduled by phone by calling 435-640-7819. Service is available to and from a selection of stops within Park City itself. That includes destinations like the Old Town transit center, the National Ability Center, Ice Arena, and the hospital. It isn’t quite as flexible as Micro, but it covers all those edge cases where you can’t just hop on one of the many buses making the rounds of the downtown area.

Routes and Schedules

Now that you’ve got a handle on the what, the where, and the how much (which is always $0), let’s talk about the when.

All of these buses and vans run every day. Some of them run very late. Micro is only offline for about four hours per day. Routes typically run almost until midnight (though there are exceptions). The transit system is there for you pretty much all the time. And buses frequently run within those hours. Most are on either a 15 or 30-minute interval, and extra buses are available during the winter for even faster rides.

It would be impossible for us to keep up with every scheduling or route change between Park City Transit and High Valley Transit. For specific information about your Park City transportation needs, make sure to consult them directly.

Park City Transit has an interactive bus tracker and route map. For High Valley Transit, make sure to download their app (linked above) for the latest info.

Learn More

Click here to visit Park City Transit’s website and click here for High Valley Transit. for Park City Transit or for High Valley Transit.

Now, Where to Stay?

Now that you know how to move around town, you’re better equipped than ever to pick the perfect lodging for your next stay. Pick a condo, townhome, or vacation home that is right on the bus route or within the on-demand service area of either transit district. All Seasons Resort Lodging has the lodging you need with easy access to Park City’s amazing free public transportation system.

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