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Summers at Utah Olympic Park

//Summers at Utah Olympic Park

Summers at Utah Olympic Park

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Slip, Slide, Zip, and More: Summers at Utah Olympic Park

Utah Olympic Park isn’t just a winter wonderland. There is plenty to do at the park year round. Every corner of this sprawling campus is filled with fun and excitement for the warm-weather visitor.

Utah Olympic Park (UOP) is best known as a venue for the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games, giving dozens of athletes an opportunity to compete in front of the world for some of the highest honors in sport. It lives on as a sport, entertainment, and cultural complex for public enjoyment, sitting above the Kimball Junction area like a great monument to the Winter Games. Despite the obvious connection to winter sport, Utah Olympic Park is actually a year-round venue.

With warm weather upon us for the year, here are some of our 7 favorite summer Utah Olympic Park activities.

Panoramic View of Utah Olympic Park

Summer Tubing

By far the most visible and recognizable feature of Utah Olympic Park, the Nordic ski jumps do not sit idle during the summer. The highly specialized astro-turf-like surface of these massive ramps not only simulates the conditions of a winter Nordic jump, it makes for one hell of a water slide. You too can fly down the landing hill at up to 50 mph in inner tubes. Riders who tackle the small hill and still crave adventure can go down the big hill for even more thrills.

Summer Tubing at Utah Olympic Park

Slip ‘n Soar

If summer tubing isn’t extreme enough to satisfy your inner daredevil, the annual slip ‘n soar event has even wilder challenges in store. Participants will zip down the freestyle ramps, flying through the air before splashing down in the landing pool. Spectators can enjoy the acrobatic aquatic stunts, plus all the music and concessions they can handle. The freestyle ramps are opened for only three events, so make sure to check the UOP site for the exact details.

Freestyle Ramps in Utah Olympic Park in Summer

Zip Lines

Continuing the theme of slides, the zip lines take all the guesswork out of the downhill experience without losing any of the thrills. Strap in, push off, and let gravity take you for a thrilling ride down the mountain while you concentrate on enjoying the beautiful scenery. There are two zip lines to choose from, plus the Drop Tower for even more thrills by way of a 65-foot freefall.

Ziplines at Utah Olympic Park

Scenic Chairlift Rides

Dialing down the thrills, the scenic chairlift gives visitors a chance to relax and take in the view while going for a pleasant trip up the mountain. Choose from the larger Nordic chairlift, or the shorter Freestyle chairlift. Just because there isn’t a pool at the bottom doesn’t mean there isn’t a good time to be had gliding up and down the slope.

Scenic Chairlift Rides at Utah Olympic Park

Ropes Courses

For those looking for more challenge than thrill, the various ropes courses at Utah Olympic Park offer plenty of opportunities to test your dexterity, nerve, strength, and stamina. There are a variety of obstacles and designs to try, and the ropes courses make a great choice for both individuals and groups. Make sure to come back and try the others on subsequent visits, or try to beat your time on a favorite.

Ropes Course at Utah Olympic Park

Summer Comet Bobsled

Just because winter is over doesn’t mean the bobsled stops running. The Summer Comet Bobsled replaces the customary icy track with the bare concrete of the course’s structure and swaps in wheels in the place of the customary blades. The professional pilots will bring up to three passengers for a screaming 60 mph run through the twists and turns.

Summer Comet Bobsled at Utah Olympic Park

Alpine Coaster

If the bobsled is just a tad too extreme, there is always the alpine coaster. Similar to the bobsled, the alpine coaster utilizes gravity to provide a twisting thrill ride down the mountain on a track. Unlike the bobsled, however, you don’t require a professional pilot to enjoy the alpine coaster. Just strap in to your seat and hang on for dear life as you swiftly tear around the turns and switchbacks along the way, enjoying the view of Park City the whole time.

Alpine Coaster at Utah Olympic Park
The Lodge at the Mountain Village Park City Summer

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