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Park City

Park City Nightlife Guide


A Local’s Guide to Park City Nightlife While Utah’s liquor laws are stringent, Park City’s nightlife scene is anything but buttoned up. Two breweries, a pair of distilleries, a dozen bars and saloons, a thumping dance club, and other after-hours diversions bring enough late-night revelry to delight even the most discerning nocturnal socialite. Whether you’re staying near Deer Valley or the heart of Park City, you’ll have a great Park...

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Santa Fe

The Santa Fe Margarita Trail


Cheers from the rooftop. Obfuscated beneath the surface of Santa Fe lies a furtive secret society-a shadowy cabal that stands sentinel over a hidden trail of esoteric treasures. No wait, nevermind. It is just the Margarita Trail-a fantastic, alcoholic, and flavorful tour of some of the finest Margaritas in the world. This self-guided, salt-rimmed tour takes thirsty participants to 31 participating bars and restaurants where they can try special concoctions...

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