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Meow Wolf

There’s No Place Like “The House of Eternal Return”

An art installation unlike any other, Meow Wolf is a unique immersive experience that will delight your senses and challenge your perceptions. Discover hundreds of exhibits, explore a fascinating mystery, and immerse yourself in a world of unfettered imagination. There’s no way you can see it all in one visit, so make time to come back.

Santa Fe is the home of Meow Wolf and the site of their first permanent installation. This narrative art space, called “The House of Eternal Return,” invites you explore an extradimensional mystery centered on the titular house and the fate of its occupants. As you unravel the threads surrounding the home, you will encounter multiple dreamlike spaces and dozens of immersive exhibits. Even if you’ve been here before, you will find something new to love.

Meow Wolf Details

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