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The traditional definition of “high altitude” is anything higher than 6,000 feet above sea level. Park City’s elevation is 7,000 feet above sea level. Don’t let that number fool you, though.

Park City is a very vertical destination, climbing up hillsides and down into valleys. You might find yourself somewhere between 6,500 and 10,000 feet above sea level while exploring the area. Make sure to prepare yourself and exercise caution, lest you experience the effects of altitude sickness.

Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is a blanket term used to describe several distinct conditions that travelers may experience at altitudes above 6,000 feet. The root cause of all altitude sickness is oxygen. More specifically, hypoxia (a lack of oxygen) is bad for humans.

The air gets thinner (less oxygenated) the higher above the surface of the planet you rise. Above 6,000 feet, there is so little oxygen in the atmosphere that the human body has a hard time adjusting. Altitude sickness is experienced in three stages.

How To Combat Altitude Sickness

You can take steps to acclimate yourself and help your body compensate for the sudden change in atmospheric oxygen. Keep these tips in mind when you visit Park City.

Friends hiking in the Wasatch Mountains.

Will You Get Drunk Faster in Park City?

A pint of draft beer

The human body’s chemistry relies heavily on maintaining a healthy supply of oxygen in your bloodstream. Certain substances, like alcohol and caffeine, play with the balance of oxygen available to your brain.

Traditional wisdom says that you can get drunk faster at higher elevations. It makes sense. Alcohol reduces available blood oxygen while your body metabolizes a drink. So lower atmospheric oxygen should make the process even worse, right? Well, the answer is yes and no. Your blood alcohol level won’t be any higher after four drinks in Park City than after four drinks in Seattle or New York. But your mental faculties will be more impaired.

Why? Your brain is already impaired before drink number one in Park City. Any dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and headaches you may experience as a result of your intoxication are just piled on top of the symptoms you may already be experiencing as a result of our elevation.

So, you won’t actually be more intoxicated while you experience the nightlife of Park City, Utah. But you should exercise caution while partaking of any substance that might affect your cognitive functions while hanging out at 7,000 feet above sea level.

High-Altitude Cooking

Cooking is functional chemistry for hungry people. As we’ve already mentioned, high-altitude environments play havoc with fundamental chemical interactions. Lower atmospheric pressure not only removes oxygen from the air it also makes it easier for water to evaporate and decreases the temperature at which water boils. These are some of the basic building blocks of food science. Changing these factors will alter almost every recipe in your repertoire.

Here are a couple of quick notes that will help in general, though some recipes may require specific high-altitude changes:

Cooking a delicious breakfast

Mental Health

The lower atmospheric pressure here can have an adverse effect on human emotional states. Studies point to symptoms like depression, irritability, and other disruptions to emotional health at higher elevations. In fact, the elevation of Park City and other areas of the Intermountain West has been theorized to be a significant factor in elevated rates of clinical depression and suicide in the region. Always remember to safeguard your mental health, both during your visit to Park City and in your daily life. Resources are available.

High-Level Lodging

You’re fully equipped to handle the challenges of life above 6,000 feet. Now that you’re prepared for the elevation of Park City, it’s time to choose your lodging for that epic ski trip or mountain hiking adventure. All Seasons Resort Lodging offers a complete selection of condos, townhomes, and vacation homes that will keep you well-rested and ready to tackle excitement at any altitude. You can always be sure that you’re getting the best deal on your Park City vacation rental when you book directly, thanks to our Lowest Rate Guarantee!

Stay the night in one of our Park City vacation rentals.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the elevation of Park City, Utah?
Park City, Utah, is located at 7,000 feet (2,134 meters) above sea level.

Can I get altitude sickness in Park City?
Yes, it’s possible to get altitude sickness in Park City. It’s caused by a lack of oxygen and dehydration.

What’s the highest elevation in Park City, Utah?
The highest point in Park City is Guardsman Peak, with an elevation of 10,026 feet (3,056 meters), and it’s located at the top of the Jupiter chair lift.

What’s the altitude of Deer Valley?
Deer Valley has a base elevation of 6,623 feet (2,019 meters), located at the Jordanelle Express Gondola. The highest point is at the top of the Empire Express chair lift, with an elevation of 9,560 feet (2,9134 meters), which means it has a vertical rise/drop of 2,937 feet (895 meters).

What’s the elevation of Canyons Village?
Canyons Village at Park City Ski Resort is situated at 6,900 feet (2,115 meters).

What’s the elevation of Jupiter Peak?
Jupiter Peak is the prominent peak in Park City, Utah, and it has an elevation of 9,980 feet (3,042 meters).

What are the four highest peaks at Park City Ski Resort?
Of the four highest peaks at Park City Ski Resort, two are located on the Park City Mountain Village side, and two are on the Canyons Village side.

Park City Mountain Village has Jupiter Peak, with an elevation of 9,980 feet (3,042 meters), and is accessed by the McConkey Express lift. The second peak on the Mountain Village side is Guardsman Peak at an elevation of 10,026 feet (3,056 meters) and is accessible via the Jupiter Lift.

On the Canyons Village side, you have Desolation Peak, with an elevation of 9,990 feet (3,045 meters) and serviced by the 9990 Express lift. The fourth is Murdock Bowl at 9,365 feet (2,854 meters) and accessed via the Super Condor Express lift.

What’s the vertical drop of Park City?
Park City has a vertical drop of 3,126 feet (953 meters). The highest point is Jupiter Peak on the Mountain Village side, and the lowest point is at Canyons Village.

What’s the elevation of Kimball Junction, Utah?
Kimball Junction, Utah, has an elevation of 6,440 feet (1,963 meters).

What’s the elevation of Salt Lake City, Utah?
Salt Lake City, Utah, has an elevation of 4,265 feet (1,300 meters).

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Park City Spring Break

Park City is a picture-perfect vacation destination year-round for travelers, but when you’re one for cold-weather fun, winter is the very best time to head this way. The following activities are just a few reasons you should start planning your Park City winter journey today!


skiing in Park City winter

Hit the Slopes in Perfect Winter Style

Ski season at Park City Mountain Resort opens November 17, 2023, kicking winter off in the area with fresh-powder fun!If you’re a traveler who can’t wait to spend as much time as possible enjoying downhill thrills when winter rolls around, a trip to Park City is sure to inspire. Park City offers ski-focused guests access to more than 426 downhill trails sprawling across 9,326 acres of terrain.

A winter ski getaway is an opportunity to check out the very best of Park City Mountain Resort as well as the exciting runs available at nearby Deer Valley Resort. Both offer an array of trails that are suitable for skiers of all skill levels, as well as options to book ski lessons if you’re hitting the slopes for the very first time this winter.

You can even head over to Round Valley, White Pine Touring, and Utah Olympic Park to enjoy cross-country skiing options this time of year! No matter how you choose to spend your time, winter in Park City is a time to relish winter sports recreation experiences.

Enjoy Time at Utah Olympic Park

Utah Olympic Park is a year-round treat for travelers heading to Park City, Utah. During the winter season, it comes with options to book fun park tours as well as bobsled rides! If you choose a personalized tour, your knowledgeable and friendly guide can provide insightful information about bobsledding and skeleton racing.

There’s even an opportunity to take a shuttle ride to the summit of the nearby Nordic ski jumps, which are not for the faint of heart! If you’re lucky, you might see an athlete practicing on the runs, giving you a chance to get an up-close look at amazing athletes training for upcoming events and the Olympics! If you’re up for bobsledding, you’ll find Utah Olympic Park is the perfect place to be this winter. You’ll need to make a reservation in advance for this on-site experience, which is sure to thrill. Bobsleds can reach speeds of up to 70 mph!

After you’ve had your fill of outdoor thrills, head to the Alf Engen Ski Museum at the park, which provides a place to browse a collection of exhibits and displays tracing the history of skiing in the area.

Spend Some Quality Time Tubing and Sledding

While many winter travelers associate Park City with world-class skiing in the winter, it’s also a great place to enjoy some quality time tubing and sledding with family and friends.

This is especially true if you head over to Woodward Park City. All the equipment you’ll need can be rented on-site to make the most of the fun available on no less than 10 meticulously maintained tubing runs. Woodward Park City is like a giant playground, complete with foam pits, trampolines, skateparks, and a magic carpet ride to bring you to the top of the tubing lanes.

After you’ve made a few runs and you’re looking to warm up, you can make your way to the on-site indoor cafeteria, where hot chocolate and snacks are readily available to savor while you watch people jump and flip into foam pits, jump on trampolines, skateboard, BMX, and scooter.

Once you’ve refueled for fun, take some time to enjoy free sledding on the hills at the Park City Ice Arena.

Don’t Overlook Snow Bike Fun

Park City’s many scenic mountain trails are endlessly appealing to bikers in the summertime. The good news is that even when winter rolls around, you won’t have to put the bike away!

Fat tire biking is a popular activity for visitors and locals alike to enjoy in Park City this time of year, and there are plenty of places to rent the gear you’ll need to enjoy your time outdoors. All Seasons Adventures and Jans Mountain Outfitters are just a few of the many great places to start before you head out to explore Round Valley or the Rail Trail in Park City.

Put Your Balance to Work and Make the Most of Ice Skating Adventures

Whether you’ve been ice skating since you were little or it’s your first time on skates, it’s a quintessential winter activity that’s just as enjoyable in Park City this time of year. Visitors heading this way will have their choice of not one but two spectacular ice rinks to check out while they’re in town.

Park City Mountain Resort hosts an outdoor ice skating rink at the Mountain Village all winter long that’s ideal for those who are looking for a casual and fun outing with family and friends. For those feeling more serious about an on-the-ice experience, try the Olympic-size ice rink at Park City Ice Arena, which is open to the public year-round.

Book Your Park City Winter Stay in Style

No matter when travel plans bring you to Park City this winter, you’ll find amazing accommodations to match through All Seasons Resort Lodging. Reach out today to learn more about our exciting and inviting property options available, or check out our Frosty Winter Savings! And make sure to book a stay during the Snow Globe Stroll or Park City Wine Festival!

Anytime travelers have the opportunity to head out and make the most of a scenic Park City, Utah stay, they’re certainly in for an unforgettable journey! Park City is packed with options for customized fun, whether you head here when the snow falls, and the ski slopes are at their best or you’re making the most of a warm weather journey with time set aside for exploring mountain trails. From shopping and dining to amazing museums, tours, spas, and festivals, Park City is a year-round getaway destination designed to thrill. Picking the right place to stay can elevate your experience even further. The next time you’re in town and excited to enjoy your time, be sure to set your sights on a Kimball Junction, Park City stay. The following five reasons will expand on why that’s an amazing idea with each and every visit!

1. The Prime Location

Kimball Junction is a neighborhood of Park City that’s conveniently located near I-80. Oftentimes, it’s viewed as the area of Park City that acts as a link between Old Town and Salt Lake City. The prime location is a key factor in Kimball Junction being an amazing place to land during your Park City adventure. When you book your vacation rental here, you always have refreshingly easy access to the freeway for getting around with ease and customizing your stay without wasting any time on transportation.

Kimball Junction puts you within reach of the exciting stops in Old Town when you’re looking to get out and explore. Right in Kimball Junction, visitors will be able to enjoy convenient retail and commercial spaces that make every day of their getaway a breeze. Kimball Junction hosts boutique shops, grocery stores (Whole Foods, Smiths, Walmart), and big box stores (Best Buy). There’s plenty of parking here if you drive, making your stay that much more convenient.

2. The Nearby Attractions

Once you’re settled into your Kimball Junction vacation rental, you’ll find that this area is absolutely brimming over with exciting attractions and stops to explore! No matter what your interests might be, you won’t have to go far here to find something that thrills. Utah Olympic Park is located within Kimball Junction and is always a highlight experience for travelers. Utah Olympic Park hosts ziplines and a bobsled course, too. It’s a gem for outdoor adventurers from the climbing wall and Nordic ski jumps and ropes course. It’s also a place where you can enjoy browsing the Alf Engen Ski Museum on-site, which showcases the history of Utah’s place in the legacy of the Olympic Winter Games and ski and snowboard history.

Other attractions to check out are the Park City Outlets, Swaner Eco Center, loads of pathways and trails, the World HQ for Skullcandy, the World HQ for Backcountry.com, and Woodward Park City is just down the road. Don’ forget about great local events and festivals too, like the Park City Kimball Arts Festival!

3. Inviting Restaurants and Shops

How you feel when you stay somewhere on vacation makes a big difference in your overall experience. The great news is that those calling Kimball Junction their home-away-from-home during their getaway will enjoy an atmosphere that’s often described as familiar, comfortable, and friendly! The streets throughout Kimball Junction are extremely walkable, giving visitors the opportunity to get out and stroll and really get to know the area at their own pace.

While there are plenty of boutiques like Indigo Highway, Northland Mountain Boutique, and Backcountry’s retail store, there are also locally-owned restaurants like Bartolo’s, Hearth and Hill, and Maxwell’s, and other shops in this area to explore; there are also very familiar name-brand stops that give you a sense of being right at home too. It’s a wonderful balance of comfortable and new—a perfect combination for any getaway

4. Close to Nearby Ski Resorts

If you’re heading to Park City specifically to make the most of the ski season fun, Kimball Junction puts you within perfect reach of the very best slopes this time of year. Ski access is wonderfully simple from Kimball Junction.

While many Kimball Junction guests will choose to use their own vehicles to reach the resorts, there are also options to hop on the public transportation systems at no cost, which serve Kimball Junction and the major ski resorts.

5. Lodging Fit for Every Traveler

No matter what type of home-away-from-home experience you’re hoping to enjoy in Park City, you’ll find options that fit your personal taste and travel style in Kimball Junction. Guests who choose to book their stay through All Season Resort Lodging will enjoy access to Kimball Junction properties that span Crestview Condominiums, Bear Hollow Village.

Bear Hollow is a particularly great place for families looking for spacious, and fully appointed condos to keep everyone feeling right at home upon arrival. All of these property selections enjoy pool access when the weather is right making a stay that much more luxurious and fun! No matter what property you choose, you’ll find rentals here are a testament to space, amazing views, luxury, quality, and style every step of the way.

Book Your Park City Stay Today

Make more of your Park City getaway when you book your accommodations through All Seasons Resort Lodging. Reach out today to learn more about our exciting and inviting Park City vacation condos and homes!

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for a scenic, relaxing getaway, Utah’s Park City is the place to be. This attractive destination lies in the heart of the famous Wasatch Mountains. It offers breathtaking scenery and excellent recreational opportunities. Downtown Park City is a favorite among vacationers since it features a unique blend of attractions for the ultimate getaway experience. Here are six reasons to stay in downtown Park City!

1. Excellent Lodging

Your choice of lodging goes a long way in determining the quality of your holiday. All Seasons Resort Lodging offers some of Downtown Park City’s best accommodation options with ample amenities for an unforgettable stay. Choose from eight exquisite properties, including condominiums and residence collections on Main Street and at the resort base. Enjoy cozy interiors, well-stocked kitchens, and comfortable bedrooms for a home-away-from-home feel. Depending on your rental of choice, you’ll have access to an indoor/outdoor heated pool, a communal hot tub, ski-in/ski-out accessibility, and ski storage. All our properties feature free Wi-Fi, allowing you to stream your favorite movies, shows, or live sporting events. Our properties can accommodate two, four, eight, or twelve guests, making them ideal for a romantic getaway with your partner or a wholesome family holiday.

2. Exquisite Restaurants

Part of what makes the vacation experience so memorable is exploring the local culinary scene. Downtown Park City offers numerous eateries serving an expansive variety of delightful cuisine. Harvest is one of the town’s best spots for a sumptuous breakfast. Their morning menu features breakfast brioche, pork and veal sausage roll, avocado toast, and chicken laksa noodle soup. If you’re looking for Park City’s finest Japanese cuisine, look to Yuki Yama Sushi and explore a menu that features crispy tuna tartare, pan-seared red crab, fried shrimp, Wagyu beef, and lamb chops. 710 Bodega Tapas & Wine offers Spanish-inspired dishes, including Spanish tortillas, grilled octopus, steamed clams, and sautéed tiger shrimp. Other downtown Park City dining options include High West Saloon, Grappa, Handle, and 501 on Main.

3. Lovely Stores and Shops

Main Street in Park City features an impressive collection of stores and shops selling an expansive variety of items. Flight Boutique offers quality women’s clothing, including tops, boots, dresses, swimwear, and other items. Kuhl Park City is your one-stop shop for outdoor apparel, including bags, footwear, and extra accessories. Olive & Tweed has uniquely curated collections from designer brands and artisans at affordable prices, while Dijore sells high-end, handcrafted women’s boots. You can also check out Alpaca International Inc., The North Face, and Burns Cowboy Shop for more clothing and shoe options.

4. High West Distillery

High West Distillery is the brainchild of David Perkins, whose expertise in biochemistry led him to establish the company in 2006. What began as a 250-gallon distillery has since grown leaps and bounds, becoming Park City’s foremost whiskey maker. This distillery is unique because it started out as the country’s first ski-in, ski-out distillery (possibly the world). The distillery also features an online store where you can shop for apparel, accessories, gifts, and barware.

5. Historic Main Street

Being near the historic main street is always a nice bonus when looking for places to stay in Park City. This street has many shops and galleries for you to walk down and enjoy, and it also has a very interesting history, with much of that history preserved. Park City was founded as a mining town, and the original businesses on Main Street were originally placed there to entertain bored miners. In order to preserve the history of the area, many of the buildings were preserved. You can see which buildings are historic buildings from the past by looking for the ribbon given to certified historic buildings. You can learn about the history of the area at one of the city’s museums, or if you’re looking for a more fascinating way to learn about the area, book a tour with Park City Ghost Tours. Their focus is ghost stories on Main Street, so you can learn about the mining history and some spooky stories.

6. Delightful Museum and Art Galleries

Downtown Park City offers quick access to a lively social scene, with several renowned museums and galleries offering curated fine art collections, sculptures, and photography. Park City Museum has numerous exhibits, including permanent, changing, and past displays, giving an in-depth look at Park City’s past. Some permanent exhibits include The Dungeon, Skier Subway Theater, Mega Mine and the Days of Ore, and From Around the World. For the ultimate artwork display, Park City offers several art galleries showcasing breathtaking images from different photographers. The Kimball Art Center is an almost 9000-square-foot facility that’s been a Park City resident since 1976. The center features high-quality art exhibitions alongside educational art programs, workshops, and camps. If you’re a photography enthusiast, McMillen Fine Art Photography and David Beavis Fine Art are Park City favorites and showcase mesmerizing collections. Other galleries worth checking out include Trove Gallery, Fatali Gallery, and MANGELSEN Images of Nature Gallery.

Book Your Stay in Park City Downtown Today

Park City is a Utah favorite, drawing hundreds of thousands of vacationers yearly. This picturesque location hosts an impressive list of attractions, including a robust culinary scene, numerous stores and shops, and fantastic art galleries for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. All Seasons Resort Lodging has excellent accommodation options in Downtown Park City for a romantic getaway, a fun-filled family escape, or a thrilling vacation with your pals. Our rentals lie conveniently within the city and offer a cozy space with ample amenities for a relaxed holiday. Contact us today to book your preferred downtown Park City rental and enjoy an unparalleled Utah getaway.

Whether you’re someone who is looking for world-class destinations to explore in the name of skiing when the first snow falls, or you’re an adventurer who is excited to savor time in a place where you can pair outdoor fun with incredible shopping, dining, and museum hopping too—a Park City getaway is sure to call to you! From hosting world-renowned events like the Sundance Film Festival to the charming downtown scene waiting to be discovered, Park City is a place where travelers of all interests, preferences, and tastes can find something wonderful to enjoy. Of course, having amazing accommodations while you’re here makes the getaway even more memorable. At All Season Resort Lodging, we help travelers find their ideal home-away-from-home to enjoy while they’re in town. While all of our property options are designed to inspire, a few really stand out in the crowd. The following are the top 5 reasons to stay in Canyons Village when travel plans bring you this way.

1. There are Multiple Ski-In Ski Out Options to Enjoy

Park City has long been an alluring destination among those who are enthusiastic about hitting the slopes when the fresh powder falls. For many adventurers, maximizing time in the great outdoors in the winter, whether they’re enjoying the trails on skis, snowboards, or tubes, comes down to proximity. That’s what makes Canyons Village a top place to stay during ski season! This area hosts no less than 9 ski-in, ski-out lodging options for travelers to enjoy that make accessing winter recreation a breeze! It also makes it easy to return to luxurious accommodations after a day of slope-side fun and cozy up in style. What could be better?

2. Visitors Can Relish Time in New Accommodations

While the rental options in and around the Park City Mountain Village base area have long been popular with travelers heading to Park City in the name of vacation fun, there’s something to be said for stylish and new surroundings, too. Those who choose to stay in a Canyons Village vacation rental will love that the properties here come with that more new construction feeling, complete with modern furnishings, innovative designs, and style standards that are truly inspiring, too. If you’re in the mood for a stay that speaks to a new aesthetic leaning towards a modern design, you’ll love every second spent in Canyons Village.

3. You Can Savor the Tranquility That Comes with Fewer Crowds

For travelers who are looking to enjoy a relaxed and less crowded Park City getaway experience than they might find on the Park City Mountain Village side of town, booking accommodations in Canyons Village is always a good idea. This area typically hosts fewer people, giving those who stay a sense of refreshing privacy and a relaxed atmosphere that’s hard to beat. With plenty of other folks on the slopes, it can be wonderfully relaxing to return to your Canyons Village retreat, knowing you have more space, peace, and quiet.

4. Location, Location, Location

Just as important as slope-side access for many Park City travelers is being able to easily reach all of the Park City landmarks and hot spots they’re looking to enjoy. This is another reason a Canyons Village stay is so appealing! Parking is simple here, and there’s plenty of space for your vehicle no matter what time of year you arrive. Canyons Village is conveniently located between Old Town Park City and Kimball Junction, allowing travelers to customize their itinerary without any added stress. Making transportation in this area even more appealing is the fact that there are a number of free buses and shuttles that run from the Canyons Village Transit Center and serve a variety of nearby destinations.

5. Amazing Views from a Bird’s Eye View

A Canyons Village stay promises to be convenient, slope-accessible, tranquil, and easy to get around when it’s time to explore. That said, it’s also a wonderful place to call your vacation home-away-from-home when you’re looking to enjoy amazing and unsurpassed views from a bird’s eye view! That’s because it puts those who book a stay within easy reach of the Red Pine Gondola. A ride up this gondola is a chance to savor breathtaking sights and access mountaintop vistas in no time. Start your days here on a high note when you make the Red Pine Gondola your first stop.

Book Your Park City Getaway Today

When you’re excited to turn your Park City travel plans into a well-deserved reality, the team at All Seasons Resort Lodging is here to help. Reach out today to learn more about our incredible lineup of luxurious and convenient vacation rental options available throughout Park City, including our Canyons Village retreats that will inspire. We’re happy to handle the details while you focus on the fun ahead, and we look forward to seeing you in scenic Park City soon!

Fall in Park City, Utah is a magical season! With its breathtaking landscapes, world-class ski resorts, and endless outdoor activities, Park City is the perfect destination for a seasonal getaway. From hot air balloon rides and brewery tours, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy during the autumn months. Below, we will be exploring some of the best Park City fall activities, so read on to discover what makes this destination so special!

Enjoying the Beautiful Fall Foliage

As the summer heat fades away, the landscape of Park City transforms into a vibrant palette of reds, yellows, and oranges. Exploring Park City’s stunning fall foliage is a must-do activity during this magical season. Picture yourself walking along the scenic trails, surrounded by a symphony of colors that will leave you in awe.

To make your fall foliage exploration even more memorable, consider embarking on a guided tour. Local experts will take you to the best spots to capture that perfect fall photo, ensuring that you don’t miss any hidden gems. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or simply want to revel in the beauty of nature, these tours offer a unique and immersive experience.

Hit the Trails

When it comes to fall in Park City, Utah, there’s no shortage of breathtaking views and fresh air to be enjoyed while hitting the trails. Lace up your hiking boots and get ready to explore!

One of the most popular trails for fall hiking is the Armstrong Trail. This is a 3.3-mile out-and-back trail that takes you through groves of aspen trees, offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, and is perfect for leaf peeping. As you hike, you’ll be treated to a kaleidoscope of colors as the leaves change from green to gold and red. It’s a truly mesmerizing sight that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

No matter which of the over 400 single-trails that are IMBA Gold Certified you choose, hiking in Park City during the fall is a feast for the senses. The crisp mountain air, the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet, and the stunning views around every corner create an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy Spa Treatments

After a day of exploring the stunning fall foliage and hitting the trails in Park City, it’s time to unwind and pamper yourself with some spa treatments and relaxation. Luckily, Park City is home to several world-class spas that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

One spa that stands out is the Waldorf Astoria Spa, nestled in the heart of Canyons Village. This luxurious spa offers a wide range of treatments, from massages and facials to body wraps and scrubs. With its serene atmosphere and professional staff, the Waldorf Astoria Spa is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and indulge in some well-deserved self-care.

Another top-notch spa in Park City is the Spa Montage at Montage Deer Valley. This elegant and serene spa offers an array of holistic treatments, including signature massages, body rituals, and facials. With its stunning mountain views and luxurious amenities, the Spa Montage provides the ultimate oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Get Active with Outdoor Activities

One of the most popular outdoor adventures in Park City is mountain biking. With miles of trails winding through the scenic mountains, you’ll have endless opportunities to explore the stunning landscape on two wheels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, there are trails for every skill level, from gentle, scenic rides to technical, challenging terrain.

If you prefer to take to the water, kayaking, and paddleboarding on the local rivers and reservoirs are great ways to enjoy the beauty of fall while staying active. Glide along the crystal-clear waters, surrounded by the breathtaking fall foliage, and feel the stress melt away as you immerse yourself in nature.

And let’s not forget about the world-class rock climbing nearby Park City has to offer, make sure you check out Echo, the Uinta Mountains, and Little Cottonwood Canyon. With their rugged cliffs and challenging routes, it’s a paradise for climbers of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or a beginner looking to try something new, there are plenty of guided tours and classes available to help you make the most of your climbing adventure.

Experience Autumn Wildlife

The mountains and forests surrounding Park City are teeming with wildlife, from majestic elk and graceful deer to curious squirrels and elusive foxes. If you’re really lucky you’ll get to see a moose! Then you’ll understand the saying “Keep it Moosey, Park City”. As you hike through the trails, keep your camera ready for a chance encounter with these fascinating creatures. It’s a thrilling experience to witness the animals in their natural habitat, going about their daily routines against the backdrop of vibrant fall colors.

Fall in Park City is a time when nature reveals its true beauty and the wildlife that calls this place home is an integral part of that magic. So, keep your eyes peeled, listen for the rustle of leaves, and embrace the joy of encountering fall wildlife in this picturesque mountain paradise.

Enjoy Fall in Park City, Utah!

No matter what Park City fall activities you choose, Park City in the fall is a magical destination that will leave you in awe of its natural beauty and outdoor opportunities. So, start planning your trip and get ready to fall in love with Park City this season. Contact us for more information and to start your vacation to Park City, Utah. We know you’ll love it any time of the year!

A getaway to Park City is always a good idea, but Labor Day in Park City is an exceptional treat for travelers every step of the way. The following are the top 5 things you’re going to want to be sure to add to your itinerary while you’re in town.

1. Enjoy Miners Day on September 4th

Travelers who find themselves enjoying a Park City getaway over Labor Day in 2023 will be right on time to make the most of the annual Miners Day fun! Scheduled for September 4th, Miners Day festivities promise to be fun for the entire family. Things kick off at 7:30 am in City Park with a Miners Day breakfast sponsored by Saint Mary’s Catholic Church. Breakfast can be enjoyed by the public free of charge, but if you choose to give a $5 donation, it will be put towards the religious education programs hosted at St. Mary’s. Breakfast will be served up until 9:30 am and includes pancakes, hash browns, ham, eggs, and more that are sure to be palate-pleasing.

Those who love to run their way to the fun will enjoy every minute of the Miners Day Bark City 5K Run at City Park on September 4th as well! This race begins at 8:00 am and is organized by Park City Twilight Rotary. The race doubles as a fundraiser with a portion of the proceeds going to local animal rescue organizations in the area. Runners are encouraged to race with their canine companions who will receive a goody bag at the finish line. Don’t be surprised to see many participants running with their dogs dressed in costumes too! Race registration is $30 for adults and $20 for athletes under the age of 18. Immediately following the race is the iconic running of the balls event on Main Street followed by a family-friendly and exciting Miners Day parade on Main Street! After the parade comes to a close, guests will have the rest of the day to spend in City Park where food trucks, beverages, and a beer garden will be set up. There is also a collection of kids’ games to enjoy and live music hosted on stage through the evening hours provided by Mountain Town Music. All in all, it’s a Labor Day event you simply won’t want to miss.

2. Book a Tee Time and Savor Every Moment on the Greens

A defining feature of the month of September in Park City is the inviting temperatures and typically fantastic weather. This makes for the perfect combination when Labor Day visitors are looking for any and all excuses to book a tee time and get out on the greens. The Park City Golf Club is a fantastic choice whether you’re new to golf or experienced and looking for an exciting challenge. Located at 1541 Thaynes Canyon Drive, the Park City Golf Club is open daily from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm, making it an easy addition to any itinerary no matter how packed your Labor Day plans for fun might be. Here, golfers can enjoy a round that includes 18 holes followed by a walk through the pro shop to see what’s available to be purchased. The course also hosts lessons on-site for newcomers or those that need a bit of a refresher on their technique. Afterward, golfers can enjoy a savory meal at the on-site clubhouse and relish the opportunity to relax and unwind alongside family and friends.

3. Take a Ride Down the Alpine Slide

If you find yourself in Park City over Labor Day with the kids in tow, heading to the Alpine Slide is a must! Found at 1345 Lowell Avenue, Park City’s infamous Alpine Slide is a great way to enjoy fun thrills while starting to think forward to winter fun ahead too. This slide is one of the longest of its kind anywhere on the map and stretches an impressive 3,000 feet. Guests enjoy riding the slide using a wheeled luge and the entire experience comes with built-in amazing scenery to match. This Park City Mountain Resort fan-favorite activity is one you won’t want to leave off your Labor Day to-do list and it’s open from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm daily. Also while you’re here make sure you check out the scenic lift rides, ziplining, gem panning, and the mountain coaster. Experience all of these activities and more this Labor Day.

4. Activities at the Utah Olympic Park

The Utah Olympic Park is a well-known landmark of the area. Not only is it exciting to visit the place where the 2002 Olympics happened but there are a lot of activities to participate in here! Whether you’re traveling by yourself, with your significant other, or with the whole family or another large group there is something here you can enjoy. You can take a bobsled ride, adventure your way through the ropes course, and tube down the ski jump! No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for, the Utah Olympic Park has you covered.

Infuse some well-deserved artistic inspiration into your Labor Day getaway to Park City by participating in a Last Friday Gallery Stroll while you’re in town. This event is held on the final Friday of each month and is organized by the Park City Gallery Association. Guests can show up to walk through Park City’s Historic Main Street where galleries stay open late and showcase special exhibits as well as opportunities to speak with artists. Beverages and snacks are deliciously built into the experience between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

Book Your Unforgettable Park City Adventure Today

Make more of every moment in Park City this Labor Day when you book your vacation rental through All Seasons Resort Lodging. Reach out today to learn more about our exciting and luxurious rental options available, or check out our available deal like our Veterans discounts!

The idea of cooking on vacation may not have been appealing prior to the spring of 2020. However, with the way the world is turning (read Coronavirus) it is fair to say, finding the perfect kitchen to flex your newfound culinary expertise is a serious consideration when choosing a private Park City vacation rental.

We’ve rounded up our favorite kitchens from five of our favorite Residence Collection homes that will make your mealtimes memorable while visiting Park City. Without further adieu, let’s get cooking!

Slopeside Vintage Penthouse

Elevating your culinary expertise while on vacation just got a whole new look. Say “hello!” to this Tuscan inspired kitchen-complete with top of the line Viking appliances and a rolling butcher block for easy prep!

Replete with elegance and plenty of space to move around, the kitchen also offers the perfect opportunity to stream virtual cooking classes-like these with Mindful Cuisine!

What we love:

Seasoned chefs will love the oversized kitchen island, Viking range, and professional-grade appliances.

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Lavish Bear Hollow Village Home

Cooking for many is anything but a chore in this standout kitchen! Treat the chef in your family to a stay in this palatial, 7-bedroom mansion in Park City.

With all the counter space you can desire, prepping post-hike meals for the whole family is a breeze.

What we love:

A tossup between the wrap-around porches and the massive dining room table-seating ten comfortably! If there ever was a space for entertaining large groups, this is it.

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Empire Avenue Home

This resort-side townhome boasts three floors of excellent mountain style living-with views of Park City Mountain Resort Base area! Craft all kinds of culinary creations in the comfort of a cozy, open-floor living and dining space.

What we love:

The wine cooler and wine rack keep you well-stocked for post-mountain meals! Plus, Empire Avenue Home is also centrally located in the historic downtown neighborhood, allowing for ultimate access to everything Main Street has to offer.

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Spring break isn’t all bikinis and beaches. A Park City spring break adventure puts world-class fun at your fingertips-from our three ski areas to our bustling Historic Main Street. You don’t have to head south of the border for fun and sun when there’s so much to enjoy right here in Utah’s favorite mountain playground.

Father and Son Sitting by a Fire in a Snowstorm in Park City

Park City Spring Skiing

Park City may be the place to be in the winter, but it is also a fantastic spring ski destination. By the time March rolls around, the base is buried under the collective product of dozens of winter storms, with frequent dumps of fresh powder throughout the month. You’ll find more than enough snow to keep you skiing throughout the spring ski period.

Since you’re here for the spring, you’ll find less of the bitter mountain chill and more alpine sunshine to go with your time on the runs. Shed a couple of layers as the days heat up for a refreshing ride bathed in the warm glow of the afternoon sun. And, since you are here for spring break, enjoy some time on the beach-the ski beach at Canyons Village! Grab a mug of cocoa and pull up a lounger for some post-ski relaxation. Watch the crowds ski by, stop by Umbrella Bar, or just stretch out and chill. You could even work on your tan if you’re brave enough.

Park City Pond Skim

The annual pond-skimming event is definitely a crowd favorite. On April 8, 2023 at 9 AM, contestants in zany costumes rocket down a jump and attempt to skim all the way across a long splash pool filled with frigid water. While the odd daredevil actually makes it to the other side, most splash down in spectacular fashion to cheering and applause. It is an absolute blast, whether you are an onlooker or a competitor. With prizes for the biggest splash, best costume, and best overall skim, the pond skim always ends up being an epic party with tons of raffles and giveaways! To stay updated on this event, read more here.

Top Non-Skiing Outdoor Activities in Park City this Spring

Spring Fly Fishing in Park City

The annual pond-skimming event is definitely a crowd favorite. On April 8, 2023 at 9 AM, contestants in zany costumes rocket down a jump and attempt to skim all the way across a long splash pool filled with frigid water. While the odd daredevil actually makes it to the other side, most splash down in spectacular fashion to cheering and applause. It is an absolute blast, whether you are an onlooker or a competitor. With prizes for the biggest splash, best costume, and best overall skim, the pond skim always ends up being an epic party with tons of raffles and giveaways! To stay updated on this event, read more here.

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Snowshoeing, Snowmobiling and Fat-Tire Biking in Park City

Park City snowmobiling

Spring break is the perfect time to experiment with some of Park City’s other snow-based activities. Whether you’re a lifelong skier or a total newbie, there’s always a new way to enjoy the powder. Break out of your routine and try something fresh. Strike out into the backcountry on a snowmobile. The warmer weather makes a day on snowshoes seem more like a breezy spring hike than a grueling winter march. And you can enjoy the sunny valleys on a fat-tire snow bike on the way to a downtown shopping spree.

Those aren’t even the only ways to enjoy your bluebird day off piste. You can try all kinds of winter transportation throughout the spring, including sleigh rides, dog sledding, and cross-country skiing. Get out there and explore your options-you’re sure to find a novel experience that is just right for you!

Park City Thrill Rides

If you want something with a little more pizazz, Park City also offers some more thrilling spring experiences. For instance, have you ever gone rocketing down the mountain on a bobsled? If not, you can rectify that at Utah Olympic Park. Ride the same course used by athletes during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games on a real bobsled.

That isn’t the only pulse-pounding option in town, either. Over at Park City Mountain, you can hop on the alpine coaster, zipping back and forth across the slopes on your way to the resort base. It’s just like any other roller coaster, except it is powered entirely by gravity instead of a chain lift. A ride on a hot-air balloon might be a little slower, but soaring above the horizon in a little basket is no less breathtaking. Park City Mountain is located just across from Silver King, so guests staying there can easily enjoy these thrilling experiences. If you’re not up for anything quite so exhilarating, an afternoon of tubing up at Woodward Park City is always a blast.

Tubing at Woodward Park City

Tubing is a great way to spend a day in the snow with your friends and family!

Woodward Park City has seven tubing lanes and 1,200 feet of track, making it the longest tubing lanes in Utah. Also enjoy 2 conveyor lifts to get you to the top of the mountain quickly and easily.
You can tube day or night at Woodward! Park City is known as one of the best places to ski and snowboard in the world, so why not add some snow tubing into the mix? It’s perfect for families looking for something fun to do together during their spring break vacation, because it’s suitable for most age groups, and there’s no doubt that it’ll be one of the most entertaining ways you’ll ever slide down a hill.

ASRL employees tubing at Woodward Park City!

Dining and Nightlife in Park City

When you think about spring break, you think about good times with good food and good drink. Fortunately, Park City has an abundance of all three. Historic Main Street is packed with galleries, theaters, shops, restaurants, and bars, and that is just one of Park City’s major hotspots. You can also head north to Redstone Village or Outlets Park City for more of, well… just about everything!

You could spend a month in Park City, eating at a different restaurant for every meal, and still not come close to exhausting the delicious eateries in town. From pizza to sushi, quick eats to gourmet gustatory experiences, if you crave it, Park City has it.

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Despite Utah’s stodgy reputation, Park City is home to a great nightlife scene. High West Distillery, located near the bottom of Main Street, is one of Park City’s premier drinking establishments. Not only were they the first distillery in town after prohibition, they’ve got a top-notch saloon that’s been a local favorite for decades. If rugged frontier whisky isn’t to your taste, you can enjoy everything from sports bars to classy wine and paint nights as you drink your way across town. If you want to stay out all night worry-free, we recommend booking a stay at The Caledonian, which is conveniently located downtown!

Live Entertainment in Park City

Concerts and other live entertainment are a crucial part of any spring break experience. Park City loves to put on a good show. The Egyptian Theater is one of Park City’s most venerable institutions, and they’re always cooking up concerts, musicals, plays, and other experiences. Check their schedule to see what is coming up during your vacation.

During the spring ski season and especially during the Spring Gruv, Park City Mountain is home to frequent free, open-air concerts. The amphitheater at Canyons Village, in particular, is always blasting tunes, including local and national talent. And, since we were just talking about Park City’s bar scene, many of those watering holes also sport live music. The Spur is the perfect place to catch a show to go with your drink.


Book Your Spring Trip to Park City

Your spring break can’t be 100-percent excitement. You need to take a break and relax every now and again. All Seasons Resort Lodging has the perfect place for you to call home during your big spring fling. With an assortment of condos, townhomes, and vacation residences to match any adventure and any budget, we’re your source for Park City lodging. Whether you want to ski in and ski out from the resorts or party all night on Main Street, we’ve got just the thing to make sure your spring break is an unforgettable experience.

Spring Break Lodging

Your perfect Park City spring break awaits. Book your stay now and start getting ready today!

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Park City’s Ultimate Winter Event Guide

Park City is a true all-seasons destination, and the Park City fall is no exception. When the heat of summer is a passing memory, but winter snows have yet to make their first appearance, the time is just right for a day of fall fun. Bring your family into the mountains to enjoy the fresh air and changing leaves, and to find an autumnal activity that is just right for you. There’s plenty of Park City fall family fun to go around.

Autumn Aloft

Hot Air Balloons Rising in a Field in Park City Utah

Balloons taking to the air during Autumn Aloft // Image Credit: Autumn Aloft

Just as the leaves are starting to fall, the balloons begin to rise. Right at the beginning of fall, dozens of hot air balloons take to the skies in an impressive aerial display of gently drifting aerostats. The spectacle is an opportunity for onlookers to delight in a sky full of hot air balloons. Some balloons may allow passengers, but these are available on a first-come, first-served basis with no guarantees. Look to the skies in the morning in early September to take in the display. Balloons launch at 8 AM, peacefully drifting about for as long as they wish. There is no set end time for each day’s ballooning.

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howl-o-ween park city utah october 31st

a canine dressed as a ghost // Image Credit: Matt Hill

They don’t call this town Bark City for nothing. Each year, hundreds of costumed pooches take over Main Street on All Hallow’s Eve for the annual Howl-O-Ween parade and festivities. Of course, it isn’t just dogs who are invited to join the fun. Businesses up and down the street will be giving out more than milkbones on October 31.

Families are invited to get in on the fun and do a bit of trick-or-treating for themselves. Businesses often host activities or games in addition to the trick-or-treating during the afternoon, which is followed by the official Howl-O-Ween parade of dogs at 5 PM.

Make sure to take a free bus downtown, as the parking situation on Main Street is easily the scariest trick of all. As always, all Park City buses are free to ride. Service is increased to every 10 minutes from 3 PM – 6 PM on the day of the event from the Lower Deer Valley parking lot and the high school.

Odyssey Dance Theatre’s Thriller

Thriller Odyssey Dance Theater Park City Utah

Just a couple of the friendly faces you’ll see during Odyssey Dance Theatre’s Thriller // Image Credit: Odyssey Dance Theatre

While you are in the mood for Halloween-themed fun, check out the yearly presentation of Thriller at the Egyptian Theatre by Odyssey Dance Theatre. This Park City classic will delight with a stage full of dancing ghost, ghouls, and masked madmen. This theatrical dance presentation sells out every year, so make sure to secure your tickets early. Also, while it is a great family activity, the show may be unsuitable for little goblins under the age of eight. The show is also interactive. The zombies and other denizens of the night may touch audience members during the performance, so be prepared.

Scenic Drive

Scenic Drive leaves changing Fall in park city utah

Trees in the Fall Changing Colors // Image Credit: Courtney Smith

Experience the beauty of fall while the leaves are changing colors. There are several enchanting routes you could drive to get the full experience whether a visitor or a resident of Utah.

Alpine Scenic Loop

Enjoy the marvelous shades of red, pink, yellow, and orange while driving through the Uinta National Forest and Wasatch Mountains. This drive is about 20 miles filled with trees, while still having a paved highway. You’ll drive highway 92 and 189 while you wind through the Wasatch Mountains and see amazing views of Mount Timpanogos, and Sundance. This route will close in late October due to snow accumulation.

Guardsman Pass

Guardsman Pass is right between Brighton and Park City. The scenery is breath-taking during fall, when the aspens turn orange/yellow and oaks radiate hues of red. Enjoy this drive in the summer/fall seasons, once the snow accumulates this pass will likely close because of road conditions.

Follow Prospect Street through the old part of Park City and then continue south into the mountains. Prospect turns into highway 224-Guardsman Pass Road. This scenic drive usually takes about an hour. If weather permits, it would be the perfect time to have a picnic or hike trails like the Shadow Lake Trail that leads to a forest lake. As you arrive at the top, you’ll get marvelous views. Enjoy the Brighton Ski Resort, Park City/Snyderville Basin. The road will eventually turn into a fork where you can decide to loop around to Heber Valley (left) or venture down to the Salt Lake Valley (right). For a longer scenic route-follow the fork to the Salt Lake Valley where you will drive through Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Park City Fall Farmers Markets

Park Silly Market Down town Park City Utah

Park Silly Sunday Market Downtown Park City // Image Credit: Park Silly Sunday Market

During this slower season, many restaurants run great bargains, including 2-for-1 deals, kids eat free options, and more. Visiting restaurant websites and scouring the Park Record deals are your best bets to find seasonal dining deals. Other restaurants change up their seasonal offerings as the leaves begin to turn. Tupelo, Handle, and Vessel Kitchen are all notable examples.

But, for our money, the best way to experience the taste of autumn in Park City is to visit the weekly farmers market with your family. The weekly event Park Silly Sunday Market is held every Sunday on the historic Main Street Park City from 10am-5pm, through September 25th.

Another great farmers market is the Park City Farmers Market located at the base of Canyons Village, The Canyons Park City Lower Parking Lot (just behind 7-11) This market is every Wednesday from 11 AM – 5 PM, June-October 2022.

Local merchants, farmers, and more offer their wares in the cool afternoon well into October. It’s a perfect time to grab some corn, squash, or other seasonal goodies for a delicious family dinner. Enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of the fall harvest around your own dining table, or the one located in your Park City vacation rental, for some wholesome family food and fun.

Scarecrow Festival


A sampling of scarecrows on display // Image Credit: McPolin Farm

For a bit of rustic charm, the annual Scarecrow Festival at McPolin Farm is hard to beat. On September 28, McPolin farm hosts a fall get-together. Pumpkins, refreshments, and the construction and decoration of dozens of scarecrows are annual inclusions. Each lovingly-crafted rustic mannequin is then carefully affixed to the fence adjoining the trail near Highway 224.

The scarecrows remain on display for a month before being retired. Each is proudly visible from the road between the White Barn and the Park Meadows intersection. If you can’t take part in the construction of the scarecrows, you can definitely enjoy the fruits of the festival during the following few weeks.

Fall Hikes

Park City utah in the fall

There are miles and miles of trails to explore in Park City // Image Credit: Olivia Hutcherson

Nature itself puts on a dazzling display each autumn. Park City is blessed with a spectacular array of gorgeous colors as the leaves turn and fall. The weather is also cooling down from the sometimes oppressive heat of summer. That makes fall the perfect time to enjoy a hike with your family. Whether you are all seasoned trailblazers seeking a challenge, or relative tenderfoot looking for a more sedate walkabout, there is a perfect trail for you in Park City. Visit the Mountain Trails Foundation website for a few top suggestions to get you started on your quest for the perfect Park City vista.

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