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Pacific Beach bars are at the heart of San Diego’s nightlife. Popular with students and surfers, the blocks nearest the beach are packed with plenty of bars ranging from high-end lounges to college dives. There is a bar in Pacific Beach for everyone. Let’s find your perfect watering hole.

PB Shore Club

4343 Ocean Blvd

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 272-7873

A Group of People Drinking Fancy Drinks at PB Shore Club in Pacific Beach

People Enjoying Drinks at PB Shore Club // Image Credit: Pb Shore Club

Pacific Beach has a reputation as a youthful party town. Nowhere is that more true than at PB Shore Club. Whether you’re still taking classes or you graduated before the Backstreet Boys hit the radio, everything you love about your raucous college drinking days can be found right here.

Start with an awesome bar filled with high-energy patrons. Then add the perfect location just across the street from the beach. A recently added balcony gives you a scenic place to drink against a nightly backdrop of the setting sun.

Mavericks Beach Club

860 Garnet Ave

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 999-0348

Mavericks Beach Club // Image Credit: Mavericks beach club

Mavericks is where you go if you want it all. With five bars, both indoor and outdoor, scattered around multiple floors and an expansive patio, there’s somebody dispensing drinks just about anywhere you turn. It’s like a whole pub crawl all in one venue.

The entire venue covers 15,000 square feet, every one of them in a constant state of beach party. If you want to take a minute to slow down, you can always find a booth or a nook to stop, converse, or watch the game.

The Grass Skirt

910 Grand Ave

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 412-5237

People enjoying a punch bowl cocktail at the grass skirt // Image Credit: The Grass skirt

This is the only Pacific Beach bar on our list that you enter through a freezer in a poke shop. A real speakeasy is a novel find in 2022, and the to-the-hilt tiki aesthetic at The Grass Skirt really sells the experience. Less of a crowded dive and more of a relaxed island getaway, this local oddity offers a rum club and more than 150 varieties of rum. There are plenty of colorful tropical cocktails on the menu if you want to try something fun.

Barrel Republic

1261 Garnet Ave

San Diego, CA 92109

Hand Crafted Beers With self serve taps // Image Credit: Barrel Republic

Speaking of novelty, Barrel Republic is a self-guided tour of San Diego’s robust craft beer scene. You get to pour as much of whatever kind of beer you want. No bartenders. Just you, your trusty glassware, and a wristband loaded with credits. High-tech taps communicate with your wristband to debit your account for exactly as much brew as you pour. Sample 40+ takes on local suds or have a few pints of your favorite. Grab a quiet room where you can have a more intimate chat with your friends or break out a friendly game of Skull between trips to the tap.


4325 Ocean Blvd

Pacific Beach, CA 92109

(858) 888-4343

Drinks Cheersig With an Ocean View

Cheers to an Ocean View // Image Credit: WaterBar

For a more sophisticated beachside beverage, try Waterbar. Tasteful decor, thoughtful design, beautiful ocean views, and a selection of outstanding seafood dishes make this a relaxing place to rally after a few rowdy rounds at other Pacific Beach bars. One whole side of the lounge is open to the beach, letting in a peaceful sea breeze and the soothing sounds of the surf. Try everything from a crab grilled cheese to salmon benedict when you aren’t busy staring at the horizon or sipping an elegant cocktail.

El Prez

4190 Mission Blvd

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 750-2512

People enjoying drinks on the rooftop bar // Image Credit: el prez

If you see pictures of packed crowds on a rooftop party in Pacific Beach, odds are it was taken at El Prez. Popular for day drinking, sunset celebrations, and high-energy nightlife, El Prez partied so hard it was shut down indefinitely during the pandemic. They’re back, and just as unapologetic as ever. The downstairs bar areas are a little less energetic, but no less alcoholic. Pop down when you need some respite before bursting right back out into the heady Pacific Beach party atmosphere.

Moonshine Beach

1165 Garnet Ave

Pacific Beach, CA 92109

(858) 999-0158

Country dancing to live music at moonshine beach // Image Credit: moonshine beach

With all the bikinis and board shorts on display in Pacific Beach, this is about the last place you would expect to see a rollicking country bar. But here it is, hot as Texas BBQ, filled to bursting with live music and line dancing. After you’ve downed a few beers and licked the last of the wing sauce off your fingers, take a minute to digest in the game area—featuring favorites like ping pong and cornhole—before hauling your boots over to the lively dance floor for a night of country western fun.

Duck Dive

4650 Mission Blvd

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 273-3825

A fancy cocktail featuring the duck dive marquee sign // Image Credit: Duck Dive

Despite the name, Duck Dive isn’t really a dive at all. It’s a polished hangout that offers outstanding and unusual pub fare alongside its buckets of Modelo. Notable menu items include duck wings, tableside s’mores, and ahi poke. Duck Dive’s signature attraction is its amazing Taco Tuesday. Grab $3 tacos (including irresistible fish tacos) and $3 drinks after 9 PM. Beware, everyone else knows how amazing this deal is, and the bar will be packed!

Lahaina Beach House

710 Oliver Ct

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 270-3888

A local-favorite boozy bungalow, this is as close as you can get to drinking on the beach without getting wet. A cozy deck opens right onto the sand. The squat building that houses the bar is a comforting low-budget landmark. The only advertisement Lahaina needs is the cheery sound of locals having fun. This Pacific Beach institution is a cash-only establishment that will keep you slapping down the bills until way after the sun goes down.

Silver Fox Lounge

1833 Garnet Ave

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 270-1343

Silver Fox Interior

The Interior of Silver Fox Lounge // Image Credit: Silver Fox Lounge

Go old school! Silver Fox has been slinging shots for more than 40 years. It is a vintage local dive with quirky features like leopard-print carpet and a few pool tables that will help you feel right at home in a less rambunctious venue. It has all the appeal of your local small-town watering hole and all the drinks of a solid Pacific Beach bar. Hours go all the way to 6 AM, making this a perfect final destination on your pub crawl. Hopefully the jukebox won’t be too loud for your developing hangover.

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