Tips for Surviving the Great Indoors

Social Distancing

“Flattening the Curve” isn’t a trendy new weight loss slogan. During a pandemic, limiting exposure to other humans through voluntary isolation significantly slows the spread of disease and keeps illness from quickly overwhelming the capacity of medical systems around the globe.

Social distancing isn’t easy. But it is crucial to combat the spread of COVID-19. Do your part. Remain indoors and limit contact with others. Social distance can still be fun, despite the challenges. You can find tons of fun things to do indoors. Get inspired with our tips!

social distancing

The Ultimate Staycation

Think of social distancing as the ultimate staycation. It’s just you, maybe your family or roommates, and whatever fun you can dig up around the house. Protect your social distancing mental health by turning weeks of time indoors into a luxurious staycation packed with fun. Try these tips for a Park City style mountain adventure.

Pamper Yourself at Home

Just because you can’t stop at a resort spa on your way back from skiing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pamper yourself. Put on some relaxing music. Bake some smooth stones at low heat and give yourself a hot stone treatment or drop a bath bomb in the tub for a luxuriant soak. Give yourself a facial and a pedicure. Break out any rainy-day comforts you have—because you deserve it. If all else fails, just take a really long hot shower and bury yourself under the covers for a while with a good book. Self care is crucial for your social distancing mental health. Go all out on this one.

Board Games From Afar

Is there anything more wholesome than gathering around the table in your vacation rental to play a game together after a long day of mountain adventure? We didn’t think so. But since you are confined to your home and may be separated from your favorite opponents, you’re going to have to take your analog gaming into digital space. Software like Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator on Steam will let you play nearly any game under the sun from the comfort of your computer. If you don’t want to spend up to $20 per head for infinite board games, try sites like Board Game Arena, Boîte à Jeux, or Yucata each offer a selection of curated games, free of charge.

We have a few game suggestions to get you started.

board games indoors

Insta Worthy Selfies

“Pics or it didn’t happen” is a trusty internet adage. If you had an amazing vacation but you didn’t take any pictures, how can you prove that you were on vacation at all? Don’t slack on your selfie game just because you’re social distance staycationing. Dress up in your ski gear and strike a pose for a winter fashion show. Or, remind yourself of ski trips past by organizing, tagging, and reposting your favorite pics from previous winters.

jason trying on ski gear inside for selfie
DIY craft snowman with red scarf

Building a Snowman and Other Crafts

If you were in Park City, the kids would probably be building a snowman right about now. Since you’re on a social distancing staycation instead, it’s time to get crafty! Break out the cotton balls, white glue, and extra trimmings for some indoor snowmen. Or fold up some paper and get trimming for some snowflakes to put yourself in mind of the mountain snow. Whatever you have on hand, go nuts! Make something fun together.

Long-Distance Happy Hour

Bars are definitely out. You’ll just have to visit Park City’s nightlife hot spots another time. That doesn’t mean you have to drink alone, though. Arrange a group Skype call or FaceTime with your closest buddies and have an at-home happy hour that is heavy on both the social and the distance. Just don’t get caught in a crowd when you go back to the liquor store to replenish your supplies.

Shred the Slopes – Vicariously

Of all the things to do indoors to simulate your Park City vacation, skiing is the hardest to emulate at home. Get inspired for your next Park City vacation during your social distancing staycation by watching some great ski flicks. Watching classic ski movies like Hot Dog, Ski Patrol, Out Cold, Ski School, etc. can help fuel your passion for next season’s epic powder weekends and gorgeous bluebird days. A liberal application of cocoa and cookies will help sell the mood while you watch.

man skiing donwhill through fresh powder on a blue bird day

A Night in the Woods in Your Own Bedroom

Every day must end, whether you’re on vacation or stuck at home. At the end of your evening, recreate a mountain mood in your bedroom. Grab your Bluetooth speaker and put on some rustic white noise. Pick a roaring fire and crickets to accompany you to sleep, or maybe a rushing mountain stream. If it isn’t too cold, crack a window for some fresh night air. You can even string up some white Christmas lights to make yourself a field of stars. You’ll go to bed feeling refreshed and relaxed, and wake up ready to tackle another day of self-directed fun.

Cuddle Up by the Fire

An evening by the fire is a classic part of any Park City vacation. Looking out the window, enjoying the warmth of the flames, and taking in the mountain air awaken a sort of primal comfort that is hard to capture any other way. You can come close at home, regardless of the tools at your disposal. If you have a fireplace at home, you’re 90-percent there already. Grab your warmest blanket and snuggle to your heart’s content. If you don’t have a fireplace of your own, try putting on a yule log program on Netflix or YouTube, dim the lights, and make yourself some cocoa. Let the power of imagination do the rest.

mother and child cuddling up by the fire

Once this is all over, we can’t wait to see you in Park City for real. All Seasons Resort Lodging offers Park City vacation rentals for every occasion. Whether you need a quick summer getaway after the situation settles down or you want to go big with a lavish ski trip to make up for lost time, you can confidently book your Park City lodging today backed by our Lowest Rate Guarantee.

Until we see you, make sure to stay safe, and maintain the social distance.