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What is ice castles?

If you were dubious of Park City’s winter wonderland status, a visit to ice castles will leave you awestruck and convinced! What are ice castles? Exactly what you are picturing- a towering maze of snow and ice illuminated with LED colored lights. The castles are a family-friendly attraction that features a myriad of frozen sculptures, fountains, slides, and thrones for everyone to enjoy. It’s truly a sight to see when visiting Park City in the winter months!

Each season, the ice castles are “homegrown” in Midway, just a 20-minute drive from downtown park city. The castle begins with an imported “starter” icicle. Just add water (through a specially designed sprinkler system), and below freezing temps and voila – ice castles are born!

Woman in Ice Castles

How to dress for ice castles

You will be surrounded by ice and snow, and while your heart may be warm with excitement, your extremities will be cold unless you prepare accordingly! We suggest wearing something similar to what you would wear on the ski slopes. Snow pants and waterproof outerwear are essential to comfortably enjoy ice slides and other hands-on activities. The ground is solid ice, so warm snow boots with good tread are a must! Don’t forget waterproof gloves and a warm beanie to complete the look.

When to visit

The success of the award-winning frozen attraction is entirely dependant on the weather! Luckily, the temperatures begin to drop in the fall months, allowing the professional ice sculptors ample time to construct the castles. However, there is no set timeframe for the attraction. The castles are usually open for guests around December and close before the end of the ski season. If you want a guaranteed window, plan to go between late December – early February.

There is so much to see while exploring this magnificent winter phenomenon! Be sure to allow for 1-2 hours to experience Ice Castles thoroughly. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of ice, so keep your young children close, but rest easy knowing there are only one entrance and exit to the maze. The ice slides are in the middle of the maze and tend to attract long lines; make a beeline there early to avoid waiting in the cold!


How much does Ice Castles Cost?

Tickets for the icy spectacle are affordable and can be purchased in advance online. Price varies between weekdays and weekends and is usually more expensive at the ticket window. We highly suggest buying online ahead of time as it’s common for the attraction to sell out!

What COVID Precautions are Ice Castles Taking?

Like many Park City places, masks, and social distancing for guests and staff are enforced while visiting Ice Castles. You can read more about the steps to keep guests safe on the website.

If you’re looking for a place to stay so you can check out Ice Castles, book Park City lodging direct through us today!

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