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Pacific Beach Worth Visiting

Pacific Beach bars are at the heart of San Diego’s nightlife. Popular with students and surfers, the blocks nearest the beach are packed with plenty of bars ranging from high-end lounges to college dives. There is a bar in Pacific Beach for everyone. Let’s find your perfect watering hole.

PB Shore Club

4343 Ocean Blvd

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 272-7873


A Group of People Drinking Fancy Drinks at PB Shore Club in Pacific Beach


Pacific Beach has a reputation as a youthful party town. Nowhere is that more true than at PB Shore Club. Whether you’re still taking classes or you graduated before the Backstreet Boys hit the radio, everything you love about your raucous college drinking days can be found right here.

Start with an awesome bar filled with high-energy patrons. Then add the perfect location just across the street from the beach. A recently added balcony gives you a scenic place to drink against a nightly backdrop of the setting sun.

Mavericks Beach Club

860 Garnet Ave

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 999-0348




Mavericks is where you go if you want it all. With five bars, both indoor and outdoor, scattered around multiple floors and an expansive patio, there’s somebody dispensing drinks just about anywhere you turn. It’s like a whole pub crawl all in one venue.

The entire venue covers 15,000 square feet, every one of them in a constant state of beach party. If you want to take a minute to slow down, you can always find a booth or a nook to stop, converse, or watch the game.

The Grass Skirt

910 Grand Ave

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 412-5237




This is the only Pacific Beach bar on our list that you enter through a freezer in a poke shop. A real speakeasy is a novel find in 2022, and the to-the-hilt tiki aesthetic at The Grass Skirt really sells the experience. Less of a crowded dive and more of a relaxed island getaway, this local oddity offers a rum club and more than 150 varieties of rum. There are plenty of colorful tropical cocktails on the menu if you want to try something fun.

Barrel Republic

1261 Garnet Ave

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 270-9922




Speaking of novelty, Barrel Republic is a self-guided tour of San Diego’s robust craft beer scene. You get to pour as much of whatever kind of beer you want. No bartenders. Just you, your trusty glassware, and a wristband loaded with credits. High-tech taps communicate with your wristband to debit your account for exactly as much brew as you pour. Sample 40+ takes on local suds or have a few pints of your favorite. Grab a quiet room where you can have a more intimate chat with your friends or break out a friendly game of Skull between trips to the tap.


4325 Ocean Blvd

Pacific Beach, CA 92109

(858) 888-4343


Drinks Cheersig With an Ocean View


For a more sophisticated beachside beverage, try Waterbar. Tasteful decor, thoughtful design, beautiful ocean views, and a selection of outstanding seafood dishes make this a relaxing place to rally after a few rowdy rounds at other Pacific Beach bars. One whole side of the lounge is open to the beach, letting in a peaceful sea breeze and the soothing sounds of the surf. Try everything from a crab grilled cheese to salmon benedict when you aren’t busy staring at the horizon or sipping an elegant cocktail.

El Prez

4190 Mission Blvd

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 750-2512




If you see pictures of packed crowds on a rooftop party in Pacific Beach, odds are it was taken at El Prez. Popular for day drinking, sunset celebrations, and high-energy nightlife, El Prez partied so hard it was shut down indefinitely during the pandemic. They’re back, and just as unapologetic as ever. The downstairs bar areas are a little less energetic, but no less alcoholic. Pop down when you need some respite before bursting right back out into the heady Pacific Beach party atmosphere.

Moonshine Beach

1165 Garnet Ave

Pacific Beach, CA 92109

(858) 999-0158




With all the bikinis and board shorts on display in Pacific Beach, this is about the last place you would expect to see a rollicking country bar. But here it is, hot as Texas BBQ, filled to bursting with live music and line dancing. After you’ve downed a few beers and licked the last of the wing sauce off your fingers, take a minute to digest in the game area-featuring favorites like ping pong and cornhole-before hauling your boots over to the lively dance floor for a night of country western fun.

Duck Dive

4650 Mission Blvd

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 273-3825




Despite the name, Duck Dive isn’t really a dive at all. It’s a polished hangout that offers outstanding and unusual pub fare alongside its buckets of Modelo. Notable menu items include duck wings, tableside s’mores, and ahi poke. Duck Dive’s signature attraction is its amazing Taco Tuesday. Grab $3 tacos (including irresistible fish tacos) and $3 drinks after 9 PM. Beware, everyone else knows how amazing this deal is, and the bar will be packed!

Lahaina Beach House

710 Oliver Ct

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 270-3888

A local-favorite boozy bungalow, this is as close as you can get to drinking on the beach without getting wet. A cozy deck opens right onto the sand. The squat building that houses the bar is a comforting low-budget landmark. The only advertisement Lahaina needs is the cheery sound of locals having fun. This Pacific Beach institution is a cash-only establishment that will keep you slapping down the bills until way after the sun goes down.

Silver Fox Lounge

710 Oliver Ct

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 270-1343


Silver Fox Interior


Go old school! Silver Fox has been slinging shots for more than 40 years. It is a vintage local dive with quirky features like leopard-print carpet and a few pool tables that will help you feel right at home in a less rambunctious venue. It has all the appeal of your local small-town watering hole and all the drinks of a solid Pacific Beach bar. Hours go all the way to 6 AM, making this a perfect final destination on your pub crawl. Hopefully the jukebox won’t be too loud for your developing hangover.

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Find Your New Favorite Pacific Beach Brunch Spot

For some, brunch is just a late breakfast. For others, it is a glamorous mid-day date with all your besties. Whatever it is to you, Pacific Beach is packed with unique restaurants that will help you make the most out of this unique culinary institution!

San Diego’s best brunch starts right here.


967 Garnet Ave

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 230-6567


Drinks at Crushed, Pacific Beach


Daddycakes at Crushed, Pacific Beach


The worst-kept secret in Pacific Beach, Crushed is the mimosa place. Flights of the best mimosas come out alongside dishes spanning American, Mexican, and Italian cuisine. Diners with a sweet tooth will love nothing more than the apple pie pancakes, while those with a savory disposition should dig into the uniquely filled “Daddycakes.”

There’s plenty of variety to explore as you come back time and time again!

Fig Tree Cafe

5119 Cass Street

Pacific Beach, CA 92109

(858) 274-2233


Fig Jam Stuffed French Toast at Fig Tree Cafe


San Diego has pretty amazing weather all year long. Take advantage of all the sunshine with an outdoor brunch under the boughs of local fig trees! Fig Tree Cafe’s unique menu includes some hits you won’t find anywhere else, like the breakfast sushi and the signature fig jam-stuffed french toast.

If you don’t want to try something as daring as a saffron breakfast paella, you can still grab a perfect breakfast burrito or an apple fritter to go with your coffee (for which they also have a variety of flavorings).

Kono’s Cafe

704 Garnet Ave

Pacific Beach, CA 92109

(858) 483-1699




There’s no better recommendation for Kono’s Cafe than the line that forms outside their door every single morning. Attracting that kind of crowd on a consistent basis is the mark of local greatness.

Within sight of the beach, this unassuming eatery is known primarily for two things-coffee and breakfast burritos. Grab one of each and prepare to enjoy the best meal you’ll have all day. Grab your spoils and head down to the sand for brunch right on the beach!


4150 Mission Blvd

Pacific Beach, CA 92109

(858) 274-8785




If you have a hankering for down-home country fare for brunch, it doesn’t get much better than this. Truckstop’s got all your Southern favorites, including chicken and waffles, steak and eggs, and biscuits and gravy.

They’ll offer you as much or as little as you like, ranging from the aptly named Simple Breakfast to the enormous Mac Truck Challenge (the latter of which will net you a 50% discount if you can finish it within 20 minutes-no sharing).

Wash it all down with a great selection of craft beers for a stick-to-your-ribs brunch that will leave you happy and full all day!

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4325 Ocean Blvd

Pacific Beach, CA 92109

(858) 888-4343


Drinks Cheersig With an Ocean View


Waterbar is a fresh brunch choice with a focus on sustainably sourced seafood. The raw bar is definitely the brunch highlight, with a selection of uncooked masterpieces like poke and ceviche. Those aren’t your only options, though.

You’ll also find salmon benedict, fried calamari, and even a seafood bloody mary on the menu.

Breakfast Republic

4465 Mission Blvd

Pacific Beach, CA 92109

(858) 750-2107


Overhead Shot of Breakfast at Breakfast Republic


Even though breakfast is right in the name, this is a killer brunch spot, too. Breakfast Republic is all about eggs-to the extent that there are chicken decals on everything and the floor is covered in egg-shaped chairs.

Omelets, Benedicts, scrambles, and just about every other preparation of egg you can name are done to perfection on a daily basis.

On the liquid side of the menu, you can stay healthy with a kombucha or indulge with a boozy “French Toast on the Rocks,” with plenty of other beverages in between. Be sure to try a specialty latte!

Woody’s Breakfast & Burgers

4111 Ocean Blvd

Pacific Beach, CA 92109

(858) 273-9663


A Breakfast Bowl at Woody's


For those who like to add a little burger to their brunch, this is the perfect stop. Woody’s offers unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean from their open-air shorefront patio! Of course, there’s more on offer at this quintessentially Californian joint.

The all-day smoothies and bowls offer something fruity, healthy, and cool for a warm summer day. The scrambles are the highlight of the breakfast side of the menu, with the Buddha Burger serving as the staple for the lunch end of the brunch spectrum.

The Mission

3795 Mission Blvd

Pacific Beach, CA 92109

(858) 273-9663


The Mission Rosemary


This home-grown favorite focuses on perfection plus presentation. A little whimsy and an attractive plate goes a long way toward creating a picture-perfect brunch, and you’ll find plenty of that here.

Baked banana caramel french toast and “Loco Moco” are just a couple of the imaginative dishes that you’ll find on the menu.

If we had to pick just one item to suggest to a first-timer, go with the Mission Rosemary breakfast platter.

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You’re here for a good time! It’s time for a Park City happy hour!

Unfortunately, state liquor laws prohibit Utahns from enjoying what you might call a “traditional” happy hour. Limited drink specials are strictly off limits, so bars and eateries across Park City have to get creative with their happy hour and apres-ski offerings if they want to stay within the confines of the law.

That doesn’t mean your Park City happy hour has to be stodgy or boring. There’s still more than enough happening on the scene to make your hour as happy as you want it to be. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites below.

1. Tupelo

Tupelo simplifies your Park City happy hour book-keeping by offering 7 small plates for $7, accompanied by 7 varieties of $7 libations. Don’t worry about missing these deals-they are offered Wednesday to Saturday from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. You’ll have plenty of chances to try the whole menu with a return visit or two.

Tupelo Park City Bar

Photo credit: Tupelo Facebook

2. Red Rock Junction

Main Street isn’t the only place to indulge your Park City happy hour cravings. Out in Kimball Junction, Red Rock Junction offers a weekend deal on Bloody Marys and Mimosas. These specials are good all day (in accordance with the legal restrictions above), so feel free to drop in whenever you like. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, especially on Saturday and Sunday. For a weekday visit, try the excellent brunch menu.

Red Rock Breweing

Photo credit: Red Rock Junction Facebook

3. Windy Ridge Café

Every Tuesday night can be a fiesta thanks to Windy Ridge Cafe’s Taco Tuesday specials. Fill up on tasty $2 tacos and sip $5 margaritas to your heart’s content. Happy hour lasts from 5- 9 p.m. There is plenty of comfort food on the menu, so make sure to come back for a breakfast sandwich or some baked mac-n-cheese.

Windy Ridge Cafe

Photo credit: Red Rock Junction Facebook

4. Ghidotti’s

Make your Park City happy hour a classy one with a visit to Ghidotti’s on Thursday night. You get your choice of several pastas, pizzas, salads, and a variable desert-all accompanied by $5 glasses of wine. The comfortable surroundings and quieter-than-the-average-bar atmosphere help you keep your evening smooth and low-key. Take note that you can’t order off the normal menu during the Thursday-night specials, even if you want to.

Photo credit: Red Rock Junction Facebook

3. Blind Dog

Not content to simply have a Park City happy hour, Blind Dog goes all out with the “Happiest of Hours.” Available daily from 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. to VIP members, these offers include deep, deep discounts on all kinds of tasty apps ranging from Bad Ass Tater Tots to Avocado Crostini to go with your drinks. Happy hour deals last all night on Tuesday in the bar area, and Wednesday comes with “Buck-a-Shuck” oysters in the bar.

Blind Dog Park City

Photo credit: Blind Dog Facebook

4. Purple Sage

If the fruit of the vine is your preferred drink, Purple Sage has you covered on Wine Wednesday. In addition to the usual menu of delicious American fare, they offer a mean drink special for your hump day. Take your pick of 10 carefully selected bottles of wine for $25 or less. If you aren’t up to sharing a whole bottle, you can grab $5 glasses of wine, instead.

Purple Sage Park City

Photo credit: Purple Sage Facebook

5. The Spur Bar and Grill

You can have your happy hour any day of the week at the Spur. If you have $5 in your pocket, you can have a burger, a mimosa, or wings. The $5 specials are available from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. on any day of the week. If you want to stack your happy hours, you can double your deals with their 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. taco Tuesday special. During those blessed Tuesday hours, you can load up on tacos for $3 a pop to accompany your $5 margaritas.

The Spur Bar and Grille
Photo credit: The Spur Bar and Grill Facebook

6. Tekila Mexican Grill and Cantina

Are you ready for some football?! During the season, you’re invited to join Tekila for $3 drafts while you kick back and watch the game. Draft specials are available all day on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday throughout football season. Make sure to grab yourself some tacos or nachos while you’re there. You won’t regret it.

The Spur Bar and Grille
Photo credit: Tekila Mexican Grill and Cantina Facebook

Your Source for a Local’s Guide to Park City

Consider us your source for tips and tricks to maximize your Park City vacation! We have all the details on upcoming events, activities and more in our area guide. Plus, browse over 30 vacation rental options in downtown Park City, Canyons Base Village and Kimball Junction with amenities like gas fireplaces, private hot tubs and more.

Search Park City Vacation Rentals
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Dine While Enjoying the Fresh Mountain Air

Take your meal al fresco with outdoor dining in Park City. Especially after the quarantines and the lockdowns, it sure is a relief to enjoy an exquisitely prepared dish while basking in Park City’s natural splendor. Whether it’s a deck, a patio, a balcony, an alley, or a sidewalk, these 15 restaurants are the perfect place to take in the sights while you savor your entree.  Then, find the Park City vacation rental that’s closest to your ideal restaurant and book direct through us for your next stay!

All information is accurate as of March 29, 2022. Hours may vary. Confirm with each establishment.

The Nelson Cottage by High West

Park City’s award-winning whiskey distillery has culinary chops, too. High West’s chef dreams up weekly prix-fixe menus that dazzle and delight. Each meal is optionally accompanied by an expert whisky pairing that you don’t want to miss. If you prefer grapes, an evolving wine list is also available. And it can all be served right on the quaint lawn in a climate-controlled Alpenglobe with a view of downtown Park City.

Image / High West Distillery

Vista Terrace Alpenglobes

Enjoy high-end dining in a world of your own. The terrace Alpenglobes offer an unbeatable vista of Deer Valley and then put you into a private reverie with your closest friends. Watch the sun go down on Park City while you sip champagne, nibble at caviar, or mull over a charcuterie board. The menu represents a carefully tweaked cross-section of offerings from the various dining options on the mountain, allowing you to choose between fondue, sushi, and rosé at your leisure. Your resort-within-a-resort experience comes with a $200 reservation fee.

An exquisite view from the Alpenglobes at Montage Deer Valley
Image / Montage Deer Valley

Stein Alpenglobes

On-mountain dining at Deer Valley Resort has never been so breathtaking (and not from the cold). panoramic Deer Valley views dance across the surface of your private, climate controlled, chandelier-lit snow globe as you dine. Both 90-minute lunches and dinners are available with a reservation fee. Meal service is provided by the resort’s Troll Hallen Lounge, including a selection of upscale casual-style menu items and decadent deserts. Try everything from signature Swedish meatballs to a famous Stein Burger before cracking into a picture-perfect crème brûlée.

The view from inside a Stein Eriksen Alpenglobe
Image / Stein Eriksen Lodge

Wasatch Brewery

On-mountain dining at Deer Valley Resort has never been so breathtaking (and not from the cold). panoramic Deer Valley views dance across the surface of your private, climate controlled, chandelier-lit snow globe as you dine. Both 90-minute lunches and dinners are available with a reservation fee. Meal service is provided by the resort’s Troll Hallen Lounge, including a selection of upscale casual-style menu items and decadent deserts. Try everything from signature Swedish meatballs to a famous Stein Burger before cracking into a picture-perfect crème brûlée.

Glistening igloos on the patio of Wasatch Brewery in Park City
Image / Wasatch Brewery

Edge Steakhouse

Edge has long served a mouth-watering menu of steak and seafood right on the plaza at Canyons Village. It is tucked into the luxury of Westgate Park City, with a patio opening onto the plaza itself. Now you can take your meal al fresco any time of the year thanks to their new outdoor Alpenglobes. These glassy spheres offer heated outdoor dining, social distance, and luxury features like controllable lighting and an independent sound system. Enjoy your perfect meal to a soundtrack of your own making!

The Alpenglobes at Edge Steakhosue
Image / Edge Steakhouse

Boneyard Saloon & Wine Dive

Boneyard’s awesome rooftop terrace looks even better under the light of your own igloo. For a $100 reservation fee, you can bring a party of up to 12 along to drink the night away in a comfortably heated dome with dimmable lighting, a private sound system, and one of the liveliest venues in Park City. This old lumberyard knows how to party, serving up delicious small plates to go with a full drink menu and lots of character.

Image / Boneyard Saloon & Wine Dive

Butcher’s Chop House & Bar

Sitting on Park Ave and Main St, Butcher’s is an iconic downtown steakhouse with the grilling expertise to please the most discerning carnivore. It also sits right under The Caledonian, our very own ski-in/ski-out Main St luxury property. A palate-pleasing menu is paired with a robust drink selection from the full bar. You can enjoy all of these delicious options from the comfort of a patio Alpenglobe for a $100 reservation fee. Your globe even has its own call button, so you won’t have to wait for the staff to come check on you to get personalized service.

Town Lift is in view from the Alpenglobes at Butcher's Chop House
Image / Butcher’s Chop House & Bar

Twisted Fern

A seasonally inspired menu can be enjoyed on a seasonally prepared patio at Twisted Fern. They’re serving their fresh, exciting creations on a winterized patio with covered seating, wood floors, and glowing heaters that will help you forget you’re out in the middle of a snowy mountain evening. The smell of creative, delicious meals and the satisfying taste of outstanding cocktails pair well with the crisp Park City air.

Twisted Fern's patio in the summer
Image / Twisted Fern

Versante Hearth + Bar

Italian comfort food has never been more fun. You know Versante for its robust selection of Italian standbys and fresh innovations, its hearth-oven flatbread pizzas, and its hand-crafted cocktails, but things get a lot more interesting once the temperatures hit freezing. The patio is fully covered and heated, with an outdoor fireplace to boot. But the real star attraction is the homemade ice skating rink. Eat, drink, and skate in Park City. A votre santé!

Ice skating at Versante Hearth + Bar
Image / Versante Hearth + Bar

501 on Main

With vegetarian and vegan options to complement its seasonal menu, this casual dining establishment has at least a little bit of something for everyone. Their fresh take on everything from salads to burgers can be enjoyed from a small patio built out into the road along Main Street. You won’t be crowded out while watching the downtown hustle and bustle-there are only a few tables to choose from.

501 on Main's Outdoor Dining Area on Park City's Main Street
Image / 501 on Main

A Word From The Owners:

“We can seat up to 24 currently in our Main Street deck and our second-story balcony. We are available for indoor and outdoor dining, and our outdoor dining is frequently at capacity. We are also pet friendly, in case anyone wants to bring their furry friends as well. We’re also ADA compliant.”

Crystal Park Cantina

Tuck into a plate of homestyle Mexican favorites and tip back a couple of margaritas on Crystal Park Cantina’s covered Main Street deck or their patio seating area. Between the two distinct outdoor areas, there’s plenty of space to mull over a couple of drinks or fill up on rice and beans. The Main Street deck is a little cozier, thanks to the full overhead coverage and half walls. If you want a breezier experience, opt for the patio.

Crystal Park Cantina's Outdoor Dining Area on Park City's Main Street
Image / Crystal Park Cantina

The Eating Establishment

The Eating Establishment's Outdoor Patio Area on Park City's Main Street
Image / The Eating Establishment

Bringing big “breakfast all day” energy to Main Street, The Eating Establishment is a local favorite with a long history. You can start the day with a full menu of breakfast favorites, which expands through lunch and dinner to offer a surprising breadth and depth of flavor. And you can enjoy it all from one of Main Street’s dining decks. A few select tables are available for your enjoyment, whether you’re starting your day with huevos rancheros or ending it with a burger.

Flanagan’s on Main

Flanagan's on Main Street's Outdoor Dining Area on a Clear Summer Day
Image / Flanagan’s on Main

There aren’t a lot of Irish pubs in Park City. Even if there were, Flanagan’s would still reign supreme. It doesn’t get a lot more authentic-from the plates of corned beef and cabbage to the shots of Irish whiskey. You’re free to take your craic in the warm wooden dining room or at the welcome bar, but you can also opt for a more outdoorsy experience. Step outside the front door and toss back a pint under the canvas of the Main Street deck. Salute passing traffic from just outside the lane and survey the beauty of the heart of downtown Park City.

Main Street Pizza and Noodle

Revel in the rich, starchy goodness of all things Italian at Main Street Pizza and Noodle. Grab a tasty slice of pizza, tuck into a bowl of tortellini, and so much more. Look elsewhere if you are hoping to keep the carbs away. But you won’t find a better spot in town to pile your plate high with pasta. This restaurant is all about abbondanza, and that includes a wealth of outdoor seating. Take your meal onto the street-level deck and breathe in some fresh air while you inhale your linguine.

Main Street Pizza and Noodle's Huge Slices of Pizza


Shabu's Outdoor Dining Area Extending Onto Main Street
Image / Flanagan’s on Main

Don’t let the name fool you; there’s more than hotpot going on inside Shabu. There’s a wealth of freestyle Asian creations behind that unassuming awning. You’ll find something unexpected to delight the senses in every dish on the menu. You’ll also forget that Park City is more than 1,000 miles away from the nearest ocean when you sample the seafood. Remind yourself of your alpine location by eating on the Main Street deck, which takes you out of the slick dining room and into the rustic atmosphere of downtown Park City.

Fletcher’s (Swede Alley side)

Snow-Covered Trees at Fletchers on Park City's Main Street
Image / Fletcher’s

A classy restaurant and lounge with some luxurious spaces for both drinking and dining, Fletcher’s is a refined experience designed to appeal to sophisticated palates. Beauty can be found in the intimate lounge space, the upscale menu, the hand-crafted cocktails, and the artful presentation of each dish. With a lovely space next to beautiful Swede Alley, Fletcher’s can throw open the large garage-style doors to allow diners to spill out into the mountain atmosphere. Take in the historic character of the adjoining plaza while exploring the contemporary tastes of Fletcher’s menu.

Keep it Cool

If you’re looking for somewhere to cool off after a meal in the sun, try our list of cool summer activities. You’re sure to find a low-temperature way to enjoy your afternoon, even during the peak of the summer season.

Fletcher’s (Swede Alley side)

Not only is Butcher’s Chop House and Bar one of Park City’s tastiest steakhouses and bars, it also has one of the best views on Main Street. Their sprawling patio takes in a sweeping vista of the Town Lift located just a few feet away. Lounge in comfort and let Butcher’s serve up expert cuts of prime beef and refreshing cocktails in the shadow of the surrounding hills. It has the added convenience of a location on the first floor of The Caledonian, one of the only ski-in/ski-out properties on Main Street.

A Hot, Buttered Steak with Vegetables and Red Pine
Image / Butcher’s Chop House


Davanza's Outdoor Patio During a Warm Summer Day in Downtown Park City
Image / Davanza’s

Park City’s favorite quirky snack shack is also equipped with a cozy little patio. Order up a plate of street tacos, a slice of pizza, or a quick beer to enjoy in the breeze outside. You’ll be sheltered from the elements under the roof, but with plenty of fresh mountain air to enjoy from your spot behind the railing bar. You’ll also be right at the bottom of Main Street, near Town Lift.

Boneyard Saloon and Wine Dive

Friends Enjoying a Drink on Boneyard Saloon's Rooftop Patio in Park City
Image / Boneyard Saloon and Wine Dive

Park City’s favorite quirky snack shack is also equipped with a cozy little patio. Order up a plate of street tacos, a slice of pizza, or a quick beer to enjoy in the breeze outside. You’ll be sheltered from the elements under the roof, but with plenty of fresh mountain air to enjoy from your spot behind the railing bar. You’ll also be right at the bottom of Main Street, near Town Lift.

Riverhorse on Main

Front View of Riverhorse on Main on Park City's Main Street
Image / Riverhorse on Main

One of Park City’s most beloved restaurants, this new-American eatery offers an upscale menu of seasonal dishes with a focus on local ingredients. A meal at Riverhorse on Main is a true local Park City experience. While the main dining area is already an airy space with plenty of natural light, the balcony puts you right into the evening air above Main Street. The second-floor outdoor seating provides a commanding view of the downtown area and the surrounding countryside.

If you want to take your meal to go, you can grab some pre-prepared options from their Riverhorse Provisions location.

The Bridge Cafe and Grill

The Outdoor Patio at Bridge Cafe During Summer in Park City, Overlooking The Lifts
Image / The Bridge Cafe and Grill

A location at Town Lift at the bottom of Main Street, a fresh menu of invigorating flavors with a Brazilian twist, and a huge outdoor eating space make it easy to love The Bridge Cafe and Grill. Breakfast all day is a big specialty here, with everything from an acai bowl to the meanest eggs Benedict in town. Make it a real meal on the town by dining on the open deck. This plaza space serves as the base of the Town Lift and gives The Bridge one of the largest outdoor dining spaces in Park City. The views of the hills above Main Street and the excitement of the downtown area make your dining experience even more enjoyable.

A Word From The Owners:

“We actually have two patios. Our first patio has about six tables, and our second patio is much larger, with about 10 tables”

Cafe Terigo

Cafe Terigo's Gorgeous Outdoor Light Display on Main Street in Park City
Image / Cafe Terigo

This cozy eatery offers a rich menu of Old World flavors. Northern Italy and the south of France dominate the menu, with a robust selection of time-tested flavors and traditional preparations. The laid-back atmosphere conjures images of the rustic European countryside, though you can opt to dine outside to take in the rustic Utah countryside instead. Their large patio lets you bask in the warmth of the earthy bricks and the cool of the leafy shade while you experience some classic hospitality.

Red Rock Junction

Red Rock Junction's Flowery Outdoor Patio Area in Park City
Image / Red Rock Junction

A lively atmosphere, both inside and out, makes Red Rock an appealing choice for an energizing lunch or casual dinner. Their menu is predominantly American favorites, from burgers and pizza to steak and fried fish. Pairing your meal with some of their delicious craft brews (alcoholic or otherwise) is essential to the Red Rock experience. Their indoor seating is a lively industrial backdrop, but the outdoor seating puts you in the middle of the energetic Redstone shopping complex. Relax under the shade while you chow down on your Red Rock burger and sip your brew.

No Name Saloon

High West Distillery and Saloon in Park City

A lively atmosphere, both inside and out, makes Red Rock an appealing choice for an energizing lunch or casual dinner. Their menu is predominantly American favorites, from burgers and pizza to steak and fried fish. Pairing your meal with some of their delicious craft brews (alcoholic or otherwise) is essential to the Red Rock experience. Their indoor seating is a lively industrial backdrop, but the outdoor seating puts you in the middle of the energetic Redstone shopping complex. Relax under the shade while you chow down on your Red Rock burger and sip your brew.

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Park City Spring Break

Don’t Miss Breakfasts and Brunches in Park City

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’ll need plenty of energy to make it through an intense morning on the powder or an afternoon exploring trails. Make sure you get the best start to your day at the best breakfast places in Park City. Load up your plate for adventure when you order your first meal of the day at any of our top 5 Park City breakfast favorites.


Five5eeds chia seed acai breakfast bowl

Image / Five5eeds 

This Aussie spot does everything about breakfast exactly the right way. First off, everything on the menu is delicious. Secondly, you can have your breakfast all day. The figurative cherry on top is the fact that Five5eeds can accommodate gluten-free or vegan palates without compromising on flavor. For a signature taste, try the Acai Bowl-it’s rich with fresh fruits and nourishing proteins to keep you energized all day. For savory cravings, the breakfast sandwich on a brioche bun is to die for.

Squatters Roadhouse Grill

egg and toast breakfast

Squatters Roadhouse Grill
Hearty comfort food served with plenty of flavor and character fills the breakfast menu at Squatters. This local-favorite roadhouse starts with egg-and-bacon breakfasts in the early a.m. before transitioning into a popular grill and evening watering hole. Stop by for breakfast and you won’t walk away hungry. Tuck into a stack of buckwheat pancakes big enough to fill up a starving lumberjack or taste the Southern comfort folded into a platter of beer biscuits and sausage gravy.


Wasatch Bagel and Grill

breakfast bagel with seeds
Wasatch Bagel and Grill
A staggering array of bagels, schmears, bagel sandwiches, breakfast burritos, waffles, and more await at Wasatch Bagel and Grill. This is the definitive breakfast spot for pure variety. Every bagel is a boiled-and-baked masterpiece, and it only gets better from there. Order up a dozen of your favorites with an assortment of toppings or have yours stuffed with eggs and all the fixings for a robust a.m. sandwich experience. Everything on the breakfast menu is worth savoring, but the bagel-based creations are definitely the main attractions.


The Bridge Cafe and Grill

The Bridge Cafe breakfast with eggs and home fries

Image / The Bridge Cafe and Grill 

The Bridge Cafe and Grill
Any list of the best breakfast places in Park City would be incomplete without The Bridge Cafe and Grill. It’s always breakfast time at The Bridge. Stop by anytime for a mix of American and Brazilian delicacies that will dazzle and satisfy. In addition to some of the finest Eggs Benedict in town, you’ll find unique plates like the Cristo Redentor (ham and swiss on french toast sandwich) or the beautifully overstuffed burrinho. Even basics like pancakes and omelets are elevated to their breakfast best.


Java Cow

Java Cow pastry breakfast and coffee on main street park city

Image / Java Cow

Java Cow
A sweet treat is a fun way to start the day. Give yourself a breakfast sugar rush at Java Cow thanks to their outstanding selection of baked goods. Each cookie, croissant, brownie, biscotti, muffin, or danish is carefully baked with love. If that isn’t enough energy to wake you up, you can get some caffeine in your system with a hot cuppa or double-down on the sugar with a mug of cocoa. Later in the day, don’t forget to come back and try the hand-made ice cream on a real waffle cone – or if you’ve got a taste for art, check out a work from the world’s most infamous street artist.

Even the best breakfast in Park City is only as good as the night’s sleep that preceded it. Make sure you wake up on the right side of the bed by booking the best lodging in Park City. Our selection of condos, townhomes, and vacation rentals can’t be beat. Wake up rested and ready for the best breakfast places in Park City when you book your lodging with All Seasons Resort Lodging. Every stay is backed by our Lowest Rate Guarantee.

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Park City Spring Break

Have months of quarantine and social distancing cultivated your inner chef? You’re not alone! A survey recently conducted by International PR Firm, Hunter, finds 54% of respondents are cooking at home more than before the pandemic. The study also anticipates respondents will continue at-home cooking when the pandemic comes to an end.

Take your new-found talents with you on your summer vacation to Park City by exploring local markets (with a mask!) and even trying an in-person or virtual Cooking Class!

Earlier this month, we hopped on the phone with local Chef Linda Elbert of Mindful Cuisine to discuss her approach to wellness, cooking in quarantine, and embracing her place in the culinary world. Be sure to stick around for the quick Q&A at the end of the interview!

Cooking Classes at Mindful Cuisine

Mindful Cuisine is a place where people from all cooking levels can explore their inner chef while learning about clean, sustainably sourced food in an interactive setting. The classes are one-part cooking, one-part eating as the school emphasizes the magic of the dining experience by inviting participants to feast on their culinary creations.

Linda and I discussed the typical class at Mindful Cuisine. She shared that many of her students are visitors who “are looking for something to do that’s different and interactive instead of going out to eat.” Students can choose a public class with a pre-fixe menu created by Chef Linda or request a private class where students can design a bespoke menu from à la carte options.

Students in a Cooking Class at Mindful Cuisine in Park City, Utah

Farm House Style Table Setting at Mindful Cuisine in Park City, Utah

Each class begins with Chef Linda preparing the ingredients so her students can get right to business. “I start with an appetizer while cooking and getting comfortable in the kitchen, and we end up creating a four-course meal. Everybody is around an island and participates in the cooking.”

Currently, in-person classes can be arranged only for families/same households limited to 6 persons due to ongoing efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19. Chef Linda is cooking up virtual classes that will serve the same experience to participants cooking along at home. “I was hesitant at first because I did not want to lose the interactivity with people, but as it turns out, it’s a pleasant experience.”

In addition to virtual classes, Mindful Cuisine will begin offering made-to-order baked goods and pastries – delectable snacks for a picnic or a hike along any of Park City’s amazing trails.

Kitchen where Cooking Classes Are Held at of Mindful Cuisine

Freshly Cooked Meal Created in a Mindful Cuisine Class

View of Wasatch Mountains From Mindful Cuisine Kitchen

Variety of Dishes Created in a Mindful Cuisine Cooking Class


About Chef Linda

A native of California and a psychologist by profession, Linda’s unconventional path to becoming a chef, is rooted in her family’s cooking history.

In her own words, cooking was “a family adventure” that began in her Grandfathers bakery in Chicago. Both parents were “hobby cooks” and entertainers who instilled the love of food in their daughter at an early age.

When asked to describe her earliest food memories, Linda remembers “…dad teaching me to chop an onion when I was about 7. I was pretty sure I was going to chop my finger off!

With my mom, we made Christmas cookies, and I can remember decorating cookies from the time I was very small. Every year we would try new recipes.”

Q&A with Chef Linda

Q: Tips for visitors cooking on vacation?
I would encourage people to explore alternatives to grocery stores such as the Park City Farmers Market or Copper Moose Farms. Source local, think seasonally, embrace what’s local, and enjoy it!
Q: Describe the cooking/dining experience in a Mindful Cuisine class in five words.
Hands-on. Community Building. Fun. Interactive. Delicious.
Q: What 3 ingredients do you have in your kitchen at all times?
I always have fresh herbs, Meyer lemons, and a variety of homemade stocks in my freezer.
Q: What is your favorite quarantine meal to cook?
I’ve loved to cook at home during this time and have recently cooked more fish than I ever have: salmon, sea bass, shrimp with sauces.

Mindful Cuisine brings the Park City dining experience to your home-or vacation rental-with their in-person and online cooking classes.

Whether you are on a vacation and looking to break in your Park City vacation rental kitchen or at home and itching to bring Mountain Cuisine to your table, Chef Linda has the right recipe for you.

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Disclaimer: Some of this information such as hours and days of operation may change due to COVID-19 health orders. We will update this information regularly. All information is accurate as of September 10, 2021.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Santa Fe offers some very exciting options for getting started with your morning. With a rich culinary tradition dating back hundreds of years, The City Different offers more breakfast options than your standard tourist destination.

Here are our picks for the best breakfast in Santa Fe, whether you want a smothered breakfast burrito or a not-so-short stack of hearty flapjacks.

Cafe Pasqual’s

As one of the worst-kept secrets of Santa Fe’s breakfast scene, you’re going to want to arrive at Cafe Pasqual’s early. The crowds form almost immediately once the doors open. You don’t have to be a local to know Pasqual’s-their reputation for breakfast excellence has spread far and wide thanks to heaps of word-of-mouth praise.

The star of the show here may be a breakfast burrito as big as your head, but you will also want to sample Southwest tastes like squash-blossom quesadillas and griddled polenta with chorizo. Going back to that breakfast burrito, feel free to try the red or green chile sauce or the tomatillo sauce-they’re all amazing.

Exterior building image of Cafe Pasqual's in the historic downtown of Santa Fe New Mexico

Image / Cafe Pasqual’s


Just because you’re staying in Santa Fe doesn’t mean your breakfast has to be wrapped in a tortilla.

Clafoutis offers sweet treats and beautifully browned breads to go with your morning coffee. The crumb pockets, quiches, and donuts lining the shelves bring some French flair to The City Different. For something with a bit more of a savory taste, the paired sandwich flavors of croque madame and croque monsieur are sure to delight (and are available all day).

Cozy interior of French inspired cafe, Clafoutis in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Image / Clafoutis

Tune Up Cafe

This cute cafe offers the usual selection of south-of-the-border breakfast plates, with some unique additions courtesy of the owner’s Salvadorenean heritage. You could opt for a plate of huevos rancheros, or you could try something more interesting with the huevos El Salvadorenos. Grab some traditional buttermilk pancakes, but make things interesting with the addition of fried bananas or a pupusa.

If you come back frequently, you’re sure to find new options from time to time, thanks to a seasonally rotating selection of extras.

Full breakfast plate of Banana Leaf Wrapped Tamales, Pupusas and Chile Relleno's at Tune Up Cafe in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Image / The Food Network

Modern General

Part juicery, part bakery, this trendy breakfast spot is the home of the Modcake. Served for breakfast or brunch, these unique flapjacks are variably composed of corn, whole wheat, dashi, teff, flax, and more. Combined with a wide array of toppings and mix-ins, and your sweet or savory Modcakes will sit hearty and heavy in your belly.

But Modern General is more than just Modcakes. They also serve up the meanest kolaches in the Southwest, cookies, sourdough loaves, hand pies, and more. Make sure to order something off the juicery menu to accompany your meal.

Start the day with some juice, a smoothie, or a hot cup of joe.

Flat lay of breakfast dishes at Modern General cafe in Santa Fe, New Me

Image / Modern General

Saveur Bistro

Sometimes quantity has a quality all its own. And the best place to get a lot of delicious breakfast vittles is Saveur. This traditional American buffet charges by weight for your meal. You won’t feel like you need to pack down the plates to get your money’s worth. Get exactly as much as you need and pay exactly as much as you should. Load up a plate with eggs, salmon, veggies, pastries, and more. Whatever your breakfast craving, you can satisfy it here.

Eggs Benedict Breakfast meal in The Saveur Bistro in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Image / Trip Advisor

Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen

Beautifully decorated and focusing on wholesome cuisine, Sweetwater offers a selection of thoughtful breakfast dishes. They even cater to specialized tastes, including vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and gluten-free options. You can order everything from spelt pancakes to traditional huevos rancheros, and have a great meal made with sustainable practices. They mill their flour on-site, compost their scraps, and have a farm-to-table supply chain. You can even pair your meals with a selection of craft beers and wines.

Sumptuous Gluten Free Burrito with avocado and eggs at Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Image / Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen

The Plaza Cafe

If you believe that practice makes perfect, then The Plaza Cafe is as perfect a breakfast as you can find in Santa Fe. Serving up the first meal of the day for more than 100 years, the cafe blends tastes from Mexico, Greece, and homegrown American classics. With all the charm and dedication of a ’50s diner, this century-long staple cooks up some of the best AM dishes in town.

The omelets, in particular, are a hearty favorite. We suggest the chile relleno omelet for a signature taste. The menu has a bit of everything, though, including a great hash of papas fritas.

Pro Tip: This storied diner is only half a mile away from our own Fort Marcy Hotel Suites. You can get in a morning walk and one of the best breakfasts in town at the same time.

Interior dining room of The Plaza Cafe, serving diner style breakfast in Santa Fe for over 100 years

Image / The Plaza Cafe

The Plaza Cafe

In business since just after the Second World War, the Pantry has accumulated an extensive menu and a large following among Santa Fe’s locals. No matter the hour, you can choose from their dozens and dozens of American standards, Mexican delights, and more eclectic selections. Have a hearty plate of eggs and bacon, scarf down some french toast, or try something more interesting-like the Buenos Dias or a meaty corned beef hash. There’s a menu item for almost every year the Pantry has been in business, so it will take a while to work through everything they have to offer.

Hearty breakfast plate served up at The Pantry Restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Image / Pantry Restaurant

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Pacific Beach’s energetic boardwalk culture has spawned some of San Diego’s finest beach restaurants. From no-frills restaurants on the water to refined culinary experiences on the boardwalk, we detail all the restaurants in Pacific Beach you’ll want to sample during your stay. These local hotspots and San Diego classics are our picks for the 9 best restaurants in Pacific Beach.


Upscale surf n’ turf with a view, JRDN offers you Alaskan king crab or lamb blade steaks against the backdrop of the jaw-dropping sunset. Dine al fresco on the patio, separated from the boardwalk by a mere pane of glass.

Take in the delicate pleasures of a flight of raw oysters or a platter of choice sashimi, follow it up with some scintillating conversation, and garnish with signature cocktails for unforgettable fine dining.

Friends Showing Sushi Between Chopsticks at JRDN in San Diego
Image/ JRDN

Kono’s Cafe

You’re living your best beach life. Nobody tells you when to eat breakfast! Kono’s serves up some of the best AM flavors in San Diego, and they do it all day. Even better, they do it without breaking the bank.

Get your coffee and breakfast burrito for a tenner and enjoy it out on Crystal Pier, which is right across the street. It isn’t all bacon and french toast, though. During lunch hours, Kono’s serves a mean mexiburger and BLT.

People Lined up at the Popular Kono's Cafe in Pacific Beach, San Diego
Image/ Kono’s Cafe

Pacific Beach Fish Shop

The TKO fish taco speaks for itself: seasoned, grilled Mahi Mahi on a bed of cabbage, cheeses, and tropical salsa, all wrapped in a fresh tortilla. If that doesn’t grab you, take a look at their 1-2-3 fish menu to craft a bespoke seafood feast or inhale an order of their addictive coconut shrimp.

Maybe you just want to chase some oysters with a quick beer-that’s cool, too. They have just about everything that can be pulled out of California’s glistening waters.

Pacific Beach Fish Shop Oyster Plate Surrounded by Tasty Appetizers in San Diego
Image/ Pacific Beach Fish Shop

Iron Pig Alehouse

They’re a long way from the barbecue pits of Texas, but the Iron Pig serves it up low and slow every day. You can take your pick of meat and cut, from chicken breast to pulled pork to sliced brisket to rib tips.

The sides are no slouch, either. The beans, in particular, get the same tender treatment as the meats. If you want to skip the carnivorous delights, try a dolled-up portobello instead.

Happy hour, whether week-day or late night, is a must for $5 favorites. Even four-legged patrons are invited, thanks to a pup-friendly menu.

BBQ plate from Iron Pig Alehouse in San Diego
Image/ Iron Pig Alehouse

Oscar’s Mexican Seafood

There are a couple of things you need to know about Oscar’s. First, you need to bring cash-no cards. Second, there will be a line. Third, the food is entirely worth the effort.

From the unassuming plastic cups full of ceviche to the taco especial with smoked fish, scallops, and shrimp, this is the best hole-in-the-wall spot in Pacific Beach. Bar none. There’s no room for pretense here, just damn fine seafood.

Tasy tacos at Oscar's Mexican Seafood in San Diego
Image/ Oscars Mexican Seafood

The Baked Bear

Okay, so it’s not a restaurant, per se. But every day on the boardwalk needs a good treat. And, if you’re going to treat, you may as well go big.

And it doesn’t get much bigger than these giant ice-cream sandwiches. Cooked up by San Diego natives, the Baked Bear serves a mix-and-match selection of freshly baked cookies stuck on either side of a slab of premium ice cream, drowned in your choice of toppings.

It’s simple, it’s decadent, and it’s just what your day on the beach needed (but your waistline probably didn’t).

Woman holding overloaded ice cream sandwiches from The Baked Bear in San Diego
Image/ The Baked Bear

PB Shore Club

The ultimate San Diego beach bar, this buzzy bungalow has some of the best beach views in town. To make matters better, they recently opened a new rooftop patio that expands the open-air drinking experience.

Plentiful plates of pub fare pair well with your libations, including classics like mushroom burgers, wings, and one heck of a queso dip. The rowdy crowd is out till late, including after-dark amusements like goldfish racing.

Friends at a table cheersing their glasses in San Diego
Image/ PB Shore Club

The Fishery

Out back, it’s a fish-flinging seafood market supplying the good stuff to all corners of San Diego. On the front end, it’s a delicious restaurant.

This is the freshest seafood you can get in Pacific Beach. The market is just on the other side of the wall, after all. The atmosphere is laid back, casual, and fresh. Dishes are prepared with an expert hand reflected in the fine balance of flavors and the exceptional quality of the ingredients.

Interior dining room at The Fishery in San Diego
Image/ The Fishery

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You made it! You booked your Park City lodging, you arrived and found your way to the slopes, you had an incredible day at the resorts. But something is wrong. There’s a pain-an emptiness-in your gut. Have you been poisoned? No, you’re hungry! You haven’t eaten since the airport, and man are you peckish.

So what is there to eat? Fortunately for you-plenty! From high-end sushi to greasy burgers, Park City has you covered.

Do it for Yourself


Nothing beats home cooking, even on vacation.

If your lodging is larger than a single-room suite, odds are that you have access to some kind of kitchen within your accommodation. Condos and vacation homes often generally have a full kitchen with all the cookware, utensils, and dishes necessary to make and serve homemade meals. Staying in and preparing your own fare is a sure-fire way to save on eats, and can provide both meaningful experiences and lasting memories. But it also takes time.

You can save more and eat better when you cook for yourself, but time is money too. All the time spent heading to the grocery store, driving or riding back, cooking, and cleaning up can suck hours out of your precious in Park City, and maybe you’re not ready to give up another hour on your snowboard just to save a few bucks on groceries. In any case, it is a great option to keep in mind, and can be a real boon for your meal planning.

If you aren’t in a mood to do the cooking yourself, there are more than a hundred restaurants in town ready to do the job for you. The selections below are not exhaustive, but they are a nice cross-section to guide rumbling bellies to the right sizzling grills and simmering saucepans.

Best of Park City


Nothing beats home cooking, even on vacation.

These are the highlights. That doesn’t mean the fanciest tables in town, but each restaurant here is a local staple and a highly characterful establishment that is unique to Park City.

High West Distillery (Old Town)

Having the distinction of being the only ski-in/ski-out distillery in North America (maybe the world?), High West is-in some ways-Park City in a nutshell. Every time you step through the door you will find a raucous good time waiting for you. From the impressive in-house whiskey to the damn-good plates of hearty western food, you will leave with a full belly and a smile on your face. Be advised that-as one might expect-this is a strictly 21+ only venue.

Freshie’s Lobster Co (Old Town)

Utah is nowhere near Maine. One would not expect to find a lobster roll here that can take a national title from New England Masters in Park City, but here it is. There isn’t a lot of variety on the menu here, but there doesn’t need to be. Walk in, order sandwich, enjoy a transcendent lobster roll experience. Freshie’s used to only be a food truck at the Park Silly Sunday Market, but now it has a permanent brick and mortar home that is thronged with more hungry mouths than a pier full of seagulls.

Sushi Blue (Kimball Junction)

There is no shortage of sushi in Park City. Some might even say it is over-represented for a mountain town in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. In such a fiercely competitive field, Sushi Blue strikes the right balance of exceptional flavor, varied menu, and approachable price that makes it a top choice for all your Asiatic seafood needs. That doesn’t mean that Yuki Yama and Blind Dog don’t deserve consideration, but you should probably start your sushi journey here.

Cheap Eats


Cheap doesn’t mean unappetizing, just less involved.

Sometimes you don’t want to make a big production out of your meal. When you want a less-expensive alternative that doesn’t skimp on flavor, these are the go-to choices for a good meal.

Davanza’s (Old Town)

Good pizza-by the slice or the whole pie-sandwiches, burgers, and a laid-back atmosphere stacked to the vaulted ceiling with vintage beer cans are all available here. Grab a quick-n-dirty lunch and soak in the casual hang-out nostalgia you didn’t know you were missing. No one here is going to judge you for getting cheese fries with your Spicy Luau.

El Chubasco (Old Town)

Aside from a sprawling salsa bar running the gamut from tame to face-melting, El Chubasco offers a mean take on all the Mexican classics. Smothered burritos, street tacos, chimichangas, and more fly out of the kitchen at an unbelievable pace to keep up with the hordes eager to get a taste of this south-of-the-border soul food.

Backdoor Deli (Old Town)

An unassuming single room on the back side of Main Street, this low-key deli offers up 50 types of fresh sandwiches for any taste. Vegetarians and carnivores alike will be delighted by the robust selection and hearty flavors. The one downside here is the limited hours. This place is only open for lunch. Breakfast and dinner needs must be met elsewhere.

Eating on the Mountain


More than overpriced grab-n-go.

Skiing is hungry work. It can be so draining, in fact, that you don’t even want to leave the mountain before stuffing something delicious in your gullet. On those occasions, it is important to know where the best on-mountain fare can be located. You don’t want to pay $10 for a soggy pre-made burger, so try these instead.

Lookout Cabin (Snyderville)

Take the opportunity to dine al fresco at 8,200 feet at this full-service eatery right on the mountain at Canyons Village if you want something more ambitious than a cafeteria lunch. Lookout Cabin offers fresh, moderately-priced cuisine and good service, both a rarity in on-mountain dining. The diversity of options is good, with everything from wagyu burgers to cheese fondue on the menu, depending on your tastes. Once you are done, hop right back on the Orange Bubble Express and get back to the fun.

Corner Store (Old Town)

While it is at the bottom of the slopes, rather than on the hill, Corner Store Pub & Grill is a casual place to grab a meal, a snack, or a drink during your day at Park City Mountain. They even host live music! Breakfast is definitely the star here, but the sandwiches are pretty great too. The patio is refreshing, though you may want to come in out of the cold for a bit before heading back out.

Royal Street Cafe (Deer Valley)

As with all things Deer Valley, Royal Street Cafe is just a bit nicer than comparable options. The menu is creative, fresh, and satisfying. The outdoor dining enjoys a lovely view. The service is great. The presentation is even attractive. You can even get toasty by the indoor fire pit while you relax.

Dietary Restrictions


No gluten here!

When it comes to diet, not everyone is playing by the same rules. If you are coming to park city with a special dietary restriction, there are a few standout options that cater to your particular needs. Park City might be a small town, but the huge number of restaurants does make it easier to satisfy your hungry without violating your gustatory standards.

Bistro Kosher Deli (Snyderville) – Kosher

This is the only fully kosher eating establishment in Park City. Eating kosher in town is a bit of a challenge, but Bistro Kosher Deli is there to take care of your needs. They even provide Shabbat meals, though orders must be made by Wednesday.

Vessel Kitchen (Kimball Junction) – Vegan

Not every option at Vessel is vegan, but there are a number of very tasty animal-free options on the menu. Both the avocado toast and the pita chips with hummus are great for a quick snack or a light lunch, and other vegan fare is offered as seasonally appropriate. Even for those without vegan sensibilities, everything on the menu is prepared with an eye toward freshness, local sourcing, and seasonal tastes.

Five5eeds (Old Town) – Gluten Free

Not only are there a number of natively gluten-free meals, like the acai bowl, there are plenty of menu items that can be made free of gluten through substitution. Staff is very accommodating to ensure that your dining experience is as gluten-free as you want it to be, which is a refreshing change from the usual exasperated sighs and rolled eyes from most servers when asking for gluten-free options.

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The time has come to bid adieu to the holiday season, and, with it, the sugary vices we all love so much. We suggest that anyone who has forsworn sweets for the new year may want to look away from this blog post-lest ye be tempted beyond that which ye can bear. Park City is a veritable smorgasbord of heavenly (or devilish?) delights that deserve proper recognition. Consider your waistline warned…


Java Cow / I Love Moo

Savor ice cream so luscious you’ll go for seconds and thirds. Made from all natural, locally sourced ingredients, these frozen dairy delights are available at Java Cow on Historic Main Street and its sister store-I Love Moo-in Kimball Junction. Also known for their cheeky and whimsical decor, hot cocoa, and other bakery treats.



Suss Cookie Company

Perfect for the cookie connoisseur, these sumptuous sweets have caught the eye-and the taste buds-of the nation. This includes recent recognition as the best cookies in the state of Utah. It may seem basic, but the chocolate chip comes highly recommended. The Suss Cookie Company has perfected this classic standby. While there are no brick-and-mortar shops around just yet, you can sample their wares at The Market during your grocery run.


Windy Ridge Bakery

Home to baked goods of all shapes and sizes, Windy Ridge Bakery is known for treats both savory and sweet, pre-prepared meals, and seasonal specialties. Every single item is handmade with love-9,000 ft above sea level. The croissants are a local favorite, and likely to sell out early each day! Widely loved, Windy Ridge is the place to go for a celebratory treat to cap off your ski vacation.


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Craving a rich toffee? Hankering for a candy-adorned caramel apple? Look no further than Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. This home-grown chocolate chain holds court in the middle of Main Street with all the attendant authentic charm. Peanut butter buckets-a supersized take on a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup-are a standout in a roster of excellence. The only way to select your own favorite is to pay them a visit-or several!

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